Do you know where your website traffic is coming from? If your business relies on people who come from Google search results, you need to consider search engine optimization. If your potential customers could not find you online, you are not going to generate lots of profit from your business. 93% of the customer experiences start with a search engine. To be successful in on page SEO, you need to investigate both money and time on that. If your website appears on the first page of Google search there is a 33% chance that customers will click and enter your page. It also suggests that if you are not on the first page of search results, you will lose lots of potential customers. 

The main reason some pages get more ranking than your webpage is that they use more successful on page SEO techniques. You can always start improving your local SEO practices. We will demonstrate several methods for your business to enhance your on page SEO. We are sure within a short time you will get higher rankings. Many companies pay lots of money for search engine optimization. In the end, they are not successful in applying some basics like keywords in the titles. In this article, we introduce some simple and effective methods you can easily use to get the best result.  

#1 Importance of optimization in on page SEO

There could be different successful techniques depending on your situation. Some methods are so simple, and each business needs to use them. One of these methods is about the title and heading optimization. As mentioned earlier, some companies pay lots of money on search engine optimization. They do not apply several simple rules like keyword usage and heading optimization. Therefore, while applying on page SEO techniques, do not forget to use targeted keywords in proper places. Title of your SEO content weight the most in search engine optimization. That’s why you need to use the targeted keyword in the title. The most important keyword of your content needs to be closer to the claims. In that case, you will get more ranking in search engine optimization. It shows that your content is relevant to the topic that customer searches. 

Additionally, you need to use essential keywords in other headings. The most basic heading type in content marketing is the H1 headline. In most cases, it is the title of the material. It is not a necessity to start writing with the title. If you use it at the beginning of the writing, it is suitable for high ranking. In the following headings, you can use H2 or H3 headings. But do not forget to use keywords in those headings as well. 

Meta descriptions

On-Page SEO

You need to optimize your meta descriptions as well. They have high power to convince people to click your link. While providing a meta description, make sure that you use essential keywords there. Otherwise, you will decrease your chances of showing up in the search result. Once you know how to use keywords properly, you can target several keywords in the original content. It is a powerful tool that most companies try to use. You can use one content targeting lots of keywords instead of writing several small ones. 

#2 Prioritize Pages

You need to navigate as the most crucial factor of your web page. The main reason is that it is the element that links to your other pages. Also, it is at the top of your website. It means the first thing that attracts your audience is navigation. You can link the optimized page to the navigation menu. If you provide those links on every page, Google will think that those pages are critical. Therefore, on all sites home page has the highest priority. 

#3 Breadcrumbs on your pages

Breadcrumbs could be beneficial for your website ranking, as well. It plays a vital role if you have an eCommerce site. They are essential because breadcrumbs create a structure of your website. Most online websites link their products to the categories section. Therefore, category pages become the most critical pages of your website. And you want them to get high ranking. With the help of Breadcrumbs, you will increase the strength of your category pages. You will do that by creating related products and subcategories. 

If you have CMS, everything will be easy and straightforward. Almost every template has breadcrumbs. Therefore, initially, you need to look for the template’s setting. Or you can search online writing “CMS Platform” plus “plugin, extension, module breadcrumbs.“ You will get lots of results. 

#4 Tracking your site

Tracking your site need to be your priority. Without analyzing your SEO traffic and rankings, you will not be able to get the issues related to your site. For example, you need to identify what pages your audience leaves quickly. After spotting those pages, you can quickly improve them. At the same time, if you are not following organic search traffic, it will create problems for you. You will not identify whether you are improving on page SEO steps. To monitor organic traffic, you could benefit from Google Analytics or Google Search Engine Console. These platforms will help to identify the problems and solve them in a short time. It is easy to install them. You only need access to the server. 

If you want to improve things a little bit more, you can use Hotjar. This platform will create a map where your audience spends time most. The only disadvantage here is that this platform may seem a bit complicated. You need time to understand and improve the problems. Therefore, if you want to work with Hotjar, you might need an experienced person.

#5 SSL certificate

On-Page SEO

Since 2014 people use SSL as a ranking factor. You might question why it is essential for on page SEO. There is a simple answer to your question. The main reason is security. During recent years, the number of cybercrimes has increased. At the same time, today, more people share their data online. It makes business owners search for different methods to secure the data of their customers. SSL seems an excellent choice for most of them. The main reason is that it is simple to install and use. Probably, your hosting provider will help you with that. But there is another simple method which is Cloudflare. To use it, you need to change the domain nameservers and make them point to Cloudflare. Then Cloudflare will be the filter. It will prevent lousy IP addresses from accessing your server and will block spam. 

#6 Provide secure map listing

Another way to add significant value to your website is by adding a secure map listing. If you use Google MyBusiness, you will be able to list your site in the search results of Google. But it is not the only advantage. At the same time, you will create a backlink to your website. The audience will find your page even if you are not in the top search results.

As you can see, the map listing could help you attract new customers. When you have your list ready, you need to fill out all the required details. It will also include the pictures of the location, team, and product or service. By doing this, customers will rely on your business. 

#7 Optimization of pictures

Images take the most of the physical space on your server. It also indicates that images take most of the area of the users’ devices. As a result, images take a longer time for loading, which decreases the user experience. You could save images in two different ways. It could be in a compressed form or not compressed form. Therefore, you could have the same model in two different sizes. The first one could take 1 MB, and the second one could take one-fifth of an MB. This article does not aim to provide details of image compression. Therefore, if you would like to know the details, you could Google about image compression. We could only mention that image compression takes the image to transfer it into a smaller size without changing the quality and quantity on the screen. 

There are lots of image compression tools for on page SEO improvement. For example, for Wordpress SEO, you could use Smush. Or you can use ShortPixel, which another successful image compression tool. Another means is TinyPNG, which helps you compress images while uploading. If you do not want to use a separate platform, you can download image batches. Then squeeze and upload those images to your server. 

#8 Improve site speed

On-Page SEO

Images have an essential factor for loading speed. But other factors also impact the speed of your site. In some cases, it depends on the files. But at the same time, PHP conflicts can cause speed issues. Also, database queries may take a long time to load and as a result, increase the loading speed. To avoid slow database loading, try limit plugin use. Firstly, identify whether you have unnecessary extensions or plugins. Then try to eliminate them. Also, if you have something which looks nice but does not have any role, you need to get rid of it. For example, you can remove the slider plugin. Or replace it with the CTA button or static image. Because sliders take up lots of space in your site, and people do not use them. 

The other thing to improve the on page SEO is to minimize the resources that your page needs while loading. There are useful tools to monitor the rate of your page. For example, GT Metrix or PageSpeed Insights are an excellent choice to follow the issues relating to page speed. Some problems will be easy to fix, yet others will be complex. For example, a file minification plugin could be an easy task to manage appropriately. However, if you have issues with JS or CSS code, then you could damage the design of your page while fixing the problems. Backup your data and files before making any changes.

Check the response time of your server. If the time is more than 2.5 seconds to respond, you can think about switching to another provider. 

#9 Provide interlink with anchor texts

Interlink is another essential and successful on-page SEO techniques that companies use today. You use them to link crucial pages. Backlink building is also popular like anchor texts. However, anchor texts provide lower risks because you have total control over them. When you have new content on your website, make sure that you link other relevant and old ones. And also, edit your previous content and link them to your latest content. While doing this, make sure that writings are related. If you have several materials, the process will be easy for you. However, in the case of hundreds of content, the process may take longer. We recommend you to use the Interlink Manager tool to do your work quickly. 

We know that you prefer other businesses to link to you in their content. However, initially, you need to provide a link to their content if you want to get connected to your page. Do not underestimate this technique because it is an excellent search engine optimization method to improve on page SEO steps. The reason is that Google ranking value backlinks. If you provide backlinks in your content, it indicates that your writing is valuable and worth to get a good ranking. As a result, Google encourages webpages to provide links to reliable and great resources. 

#10 Ensure security in social media profiles

It is not mandatory to use all your social media profiles. But you need to secure all of them. At the same time, you can use social media profiles to get backlinks to your page. The most famous ones are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Depending on your business type, you can choose other social media platforms like Reddit or SoundCloud. If you want an effective SEO strategy from social media profiles, you need to achieve lots of shares, pins, retweets, etc. 

Today each business uses the power of social media to gain new customers. Social media shares can bring you more traffic. If people read and like your content, they will share it with their friends and help you to reach more audience. To facilitate the process, you can add a share and like the button to your webpage. Instead of having lots of social media profiles, you can focus on the ones which are relevant to your website. You can add CTA to your content. Also, do not forget to share interesting content with your audience. It does not need to be your content. If you want other people to share your writings, you also need to share their content. 

It will be even better to make other pages share your content than regular people sharing. The main reason is that pages have many audiences. Also, Google does not provide index profiles, which means it cannot create backlinks from people’s shares.

#11 Make customers review your products

review your products

If you have a ready website and product, then it is time to get some reviews. Many people do not pay attention to it and never understand why they need to provide commentary. Generally, reviews affect the local SEO rankings. However, if you have a high ranking, it will add more value to your webpage and make your site reliable. Getting good reviews is much easier than you think. If you provide a product or service, then ask your friends to give commentary on Facebook. At the same time, they need to write a review on Google MyBusiness about your webpage. If you have satisfied the customer, you can ask them to review your service. Many companies get good ranking by doing this. So we recommend you do to id as well. 

#12 Customer design for 404 page

Your audience may get lots of 404 errors while entering your website. If the customers get this message, they will immediately leave your page. It will indicate that they have not found what they are looking for on your site. As a result, you will lower the Google ranking of your webpage. One method to solve this on page SEO problem is to create a custom design. By doing this, you will decrease the bounce rate.