One of the brilliant minds to live on this earth, Albert Einstein, said, "Once you stop learning, you start dying." He wasn't lying. If you're into web development and you stop upgrading yourself, you'll become of less value as technology advances. You come to a standstill, and worse, clients won't be willing to pay you what you deserve. Why? Because they may not need your services in that area anymore. 

We understand how difficult it is to stay updated when the tech world is moving at an incredible speed. That's why we've put together this guide to show you the most required web development skills in 2020.

We created this guide for two kinds of web developers:

  1. The developer who is already in the field but looking to upgrade to clients need
  2. New and upcoming developers who want to know which field is in high demand

You'll also learn what most clients expect from web developers. That way, you can well be informed on what your next move of web development is. Now, before we begin, let's clarify some few things about web developers and web designers.

If you're ready, let's get into it.

The Difference Between Web Development And Web Design

Many people use web developers and web design interchangeably, but they are distinct from each other. However, they both need each other to accomplish one goal: an excellent website. Web designers are creative designers whose primary concern is about the aesthetics of the website. On the other hand, web developers create a functional website from website design, what we usually refer to as coding.

However, both web developers and web designers need to work together. Think of building a house. The architect (web designer) draws a detailed plan and structure on paper. Then the engineer (web developer) takes the illustrated model and builds an actual structure. Both pull their resources together to construct outstanding buildings.

Now, with that understanding, let's move on to the web development skills you should look out for.

Programming Languages Are In High-Demand

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You need to have an in-depth knowledge of either Wordpress or Django web app development. So, if you're relying only on the skills you obtained in school, you'll not make meaningful advancement.

You need to learn the newest version of modern technologies and programming languages if you want to deliver a high-quality service for any business. Currently, clients are searching for these top three programming languages: CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Even though they've been around for a long time, it's not sufficient for you to improve.

You can be proficient than you are now by learning new and different programming languages that clients want. Some programming languages you need to look out for are:

As a developer, a programming language is a primary factor you need, but you should learn about frameworks to be a full developer. So if you want to reach your full potential, you should combine the current programming languages and frameworks.ts in the tech world.

Learn The Latest Frameworks

For years, frameworks have been a crucial part of web development. The web application standard is continuously moving up, so is the difficulty that comes with the technology required. In 2020, learning only coding languages will not help you. You'll need to learn any current extensions and frameworks, particularly the ones that your client prefers.

For example, most developers are learning Node.JS because most clients prefer that framework. Node.JS can integrate well with Google Cloud Functions and AWS Lambda. Now, Django, Angular.JS, Express.JS are all part of the popularly requested frameworks by developers and clients. 

Here is a list of the most needed frameworks that most employers search for:

Don't assume that when you acquire knowledge in frameworks and programming language, that's all. No, it's not. After obtaining that knowledge, you need a project to use those skills. That means, you need to know all you can about the latest technological trends to implement your skills.

Trends In Technology

With every new tech trend that comes to the tech market, development companies expect their developers to update themselves. For example, when Android released OS Android Pie, Apple retaliated by releasing iOS 12. They both have numerous features that support the latest technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), and future sensors.

So you have to update yourself with the upcoming technologies and implement them in your app development projects. Now, before any new tech trends come to the market, most companies expect their developers to find the next new trends in mobile and web to help improve their services or products.

Some of the future technological trends that tech industries requires developers to have proficient knowledge in are:

  • Integration of Chatbots,
  • BYOD App Development,
  • Progressive Web Apps,
  • Integration of diverse payment systems
  • Android Instant Apps, and many more

Some of the well-known trends in technology that you must learn are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  •  Mobile Payments
  • IoT
  • Cloud Technology


Advanced Web Developer Tools

As a web developer, you also need to upgrade yourself with the tools you use. There is almost an update every year, and you need to know all of them to keep up with the new changes. There are numerous development tools, and knowing which one works well for you and your client is essential. Don't take it lightly.

Some of the development tools include:

  • Git and Github
  • Unity
  • Jira
  • Atom
  • Stack Overflow
  • Bootstrap

Don't Leave Out Problem Solving And Spatial Reasoning In Web Development Skills

The Need To Have A Problem-Solving Skill

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Some skills are not directly linked to web development but extremely helpful and can enhance your efficiency. They include spatial reasoning and problem-solving. Of course, facing coding problems is an undeniable reality which every web developer will meet soon.

However, having skill in problem-solving can help you be more effective in your work and solve problems faster than you usually would. So, try as much to have that quality. It could be what sets you apart from others.

Spatial Reasoning

Spatial reasoning is your ability to think in three dimensions (3D) about objects. With the information required, you're able to come to conclusions even with small information.

This skill is more suitable for web designers. For example, they can use the ability to determine how an app user can interact with a mobile app and improve user experience. However, you can use it in your skills to expand your horizon.


Every day comes with a new opportunity to improve your skills. Companies are searching for web developers with both technical and soft skills to improve their services. You can become a professional web developer in a particular field, if you keep on learning new skills.

Even though it can be challenging to stay up to date, make sure to not stay far behind in your web development skills. With all the information you've received from this guide, you should be in a high position to face any coding problems and exceed them above any expectations. That is, if you take your upgrade on skills seriously.