When someone clicks on your link on Google search results for the first time and goes to your landing page, it is vital to make the first impression the best. Your landing page should give her who you are, what you do, and what you can offer for prospective customers. In case she finds your landing page very interesting and fulfilling, she might want to know more about your company and possibly think of doing business with you. Now if she wants to proceed further, she will most likely have three options to choose from. One is your home page; two is continuing with the landing page, she might find a telephone number to call or decide to write you an email. However, there is also the third option which is About us page of your website. It is essential to create the most positive and effective About us page for your website as it is a part of digital marketing, so the visitors can go like “wow, these guys are really doing a great job, and I would love to do business with them.”



If you wish to change your website into a customer or lead generating a machine, we will show you the best tips, tactics, and secrets to get there fast. About us page is often going to be the second most visited page of a website right behind the homepage, so of course, it makes sense to want to optimize it in order to convince the customers. Most of the businesses use the About Us page as an opportunity to talk about them.


However, that is a big mistake because when people click that, they are not actually looking to know all about your history in extensive detail. People have a desire or problem that needs solving, and they are there to see if you are the one who can solve it for them. That means you should cleverly use the About us page as a way of telling people who you are in a way that means something to them. In other words, don’t think of this as an opportunity to say “let me tell you all About us,” rather say “let me tell you how we can help you.”


We are going to discuss the necessity of About us page, show you some examples of how popular companies do this and then give you some tips about creating an About us page for your site. At the end of this post, you will have learned essential pieces of information about your website’s About us page for and start building it. Now let’s dive into it!


About us page tells people your story


There are a lot of sites with different sorts of information, looks, and vibes. When visitors go to  About us page, they try to get some facts in order to learn more about your business. Remember, your landing page has to include facts about your company. It is crucial as people prefer facts rather than you bragging about the business. However, facts are not the only ingredients of this recipe; your website’s About us page has to include some story of your company. People love stories, and they are usually paying for the story rather than the product, so About us page should revolve around your story.


Think about it, would you rather buy sneakers from Nike or the exact copy from some Chinese based company? We know the answer. You would pay three times more for the brand product, and a brand is a story. Don’t worry, if it’s not you, it is the majority of the people on this planet. Therefore, make sure that you create a piece of compelling information about your business and build your brand around your story.


It tells people about your past


People are usually looking for various types of information, but the most common among them is how your business came to be where it is today. What challenges you have faced, what barriers you had to overcome to become who you are today. This story will give your company a character like in superhero movies. Your company has to build a character for itself in order to become the hero of your customers. Remember, story sells, and that’s what you are going to be doing by creating an outstanding About us page for your website.


About us page identifies the people behind your business


About us page has to show who you are, what I mean by “who” is that you should put information about yourself and the members of the staff. You can include pictures of yourself or employees while smiling and doing the business. You might also put information about your background, for instance, education and work experience. This way you will be able to assure customers that you are a professional in this job and they can be comfortable at doing business with you.


It tells people why would they choose you over the others


Website visitors are usually faced with a concept of why would they choose to do business with you? Why would they choose you specifically over the others? In this case, how beautiful your products and services are is of little importance as it will not play the most prominent role in answering such questions. You need to show the customers what is in it for them, how they can benefit from you and how you can solve their problems once and for all. Your page has to demonstrate how flawless your company is and what the relationship between you and customers look like. This is an important aspect of About us page of your website.


About us page is essential to give people some technical information and tell them about your goals



It is vital that About us page shows what your company is about. Telling customers what your daily operations look like and what is the bigger goal or your mission will form an idea of the business mechanism.

About us page should also answer some small questions that customers can ask. Are you a small or a big company? What are your values? Is it public, private business? Maybe a family owned one? The About us page of your website should be able to answer all of these questions that your visitors might ask.


About us page introduces you to the people


If you have come here, you have likely just started an e-commerce business, or you already have a business, and you want to create your online presence. Whatever the reason, you should understand that your website visitors are not reading About us page because they want to pass some time. They probably don’t know anything about your business and want to gather some information. Those people who have clicked on your search engine ads went to the landing page and are now on About us page. It indicates that they are highly interested in doing business with you. However, About us page for your site is not only about telling visitors some information about your company. Major suppliers may also find you and want to learn about your company. If they think that you are good at what you are doing and they can create great relationships with you, you may be offered your needed supplies for a lower price by other providers than your own.


It brings out emotions


Your business should take into account emotional factors as well. Creating an About us page for your website is an effort to build trust between you and people. If you can make people believe you that you are professional at what you are doing, you can handle payments, shipping and handling very well and have excellent customer service; people will be ready to pay slightly more money for your product. It is all about promises, and people would always pay extra if you give them your word. Humans are fragile creatures who always want to build good relationships and trust someone, so give them that.


Information sequence


You need to put the essential information about your company on the top of the About us page. The visitors of your webpage should not scroll down to get the vital information that they need. People don’t have time to sit and read some About us page of some website for five or ten straight minutes. They would probably give you about 30 seconds of their time to provide them with crucial information about your business. Everything has to be visible without the need for scrolling down.


If you put all the necessary information somewhere down below and think that people will read it all, you are mistaken. If you have done that, you are already losing a lot of potential customers that would have done business with you if it wasn’t for poor About us page.


So what people want to know about my company primarily?


Your brand’s reputation - People want to know how authentic you are in today’s competitive and fast-paced market. They want to see if you are a good business with a real reputation. It is all about trust again; people will trust you if they see others do it. So show them that you are an official business whom people trust and respect.


Privacy and security - Once again they want to know if you can responsibly handle the payment processes and protect their personal information. When people purchase something from you, they are leaving you their names, address, phone number, and bank details. They are all very sensitive information, so people expect you to protect them. The About us page of your website should be able to build this trust among people, so no one questions your loyalty.


Returns and shipping - About us page should state that you are a professional at shipping and handling of the ordered items. You can deliver your customers’ products fast and reliably. However, fast and secure shipping is not enough for people. Your business has to have a fair return policy stated in its About us page.


Customer support - Customer support plays a significant role when it comes to customer satisfaction. Your business has to be able to reply to your customers whenever they have questions or problems. Testimonials do very well as they show positive feedback from your previous customers and make you seem trustworthy. We will talk about testimonials later on this post.


When About Us page of your website is being created, you should think of all the main question the customers may have. Try to answer them on your webpage before those questions are asked. You need to put yourself in customers’ shoes in order to get into the atmosphere and possibly come up with some questions. Also, you might ask your previous customers about the main issues they asked themselves before doing business with you.


So you have to make sure that you put your excellent reputation in front of people’s eyes, talk about your company’s achievements and awards, state that you have fantastic customer service. Showing off a little bit is alright, but don’t overdo it.


Think about the conversion


All of your concentration has to be on the visitor. You want to put your best effort to convert your visitors into buying customers. People try to assess your business when they go to your About us page. Thus, everything you write on your page has to focus on answering the visitors’ questions. Remember, you need to give valuable information about your company. However, it is essential to show how the positive aspects of your business will solve their problems and benefit them.


Use the language appropriate to your audience


You need to speak to your audience while creating a certain vibe in the conversation. The reader has to feel like you are sitting right next to him and having a casual conversation. However, there is a limit to how relaxed you can talk to your audience. For instance, if you are selling bikes and skateboard, the chances are you are dealing with the young audience or ‘hip’ audience. Therefore, you need to use a lot of quality media and talk to them appropriately.


However, for example, if you are selling products for people with disabilities and your product helps them to add some comfort to their lives, you might want to make use of a more traditional approach and keep it a little conservative.


So how exactly should you create About us page for the website? Well, there is a bunch of stuff that you should keep in mind, 17, to be exact.


#1 Provide essential information


Introduce your business in a professional manner and with the appropriate media and language. The first paragraph of the About us page may include the company’s business objectives, goals and maybe mission statement.


 It is important to highlight how secure your transactions are processed and how you keep sensitive information in a safe place. You might also put some links to the privacy policy and terms of use.


Display how your delivery options are customer friendly, how fast you ship the products. If you provide insured shipping, don’t forget to state that on About us page. Also, show how easy it is to return the products in case they are damaged or not wanted. The full refund policy is the best option to select if you're going to build more trust and confidence.


I am leaving the rest to your imagination. How you will put your words in order, design the webpage is your sole responsibility.  When it comes to creating the About us page of the website, creativity plays a significant role. There a lot of ways that you can provide the information about your shipping, refund policy, customer experience and so on. How you express this knowledge to your visitors is more important than what you express.


#2 Highlight the people who trust you


If you are really delivering the best customer experience, you should feel confident to put some of the customer reviews on your webpage. The visitors of your site will feel more confident doing business with you if you demonstrate social proof.


Remember that I told you about the testimonials? You might also put them on your webpage; however, if you want to be very transparent with the quality of the service, you should consider putting links to a customer review on external review websites such as Trustpilot. Don’t be afraid that negative comments will give a wrong impression to your customers (unless they are horrible). What you need to do is to reply to every one of those negative reviews and show a real effort to fix the problems.


Replying to negative comments about your business and trying to solve the issues on time will benefit the image of your company in two ways. The people that have already purchased something from you will see that you have solved their problem very quickly, always showed the support to avoid any inconvenience.


#3 Your story


As we have talked about this briefly before, it is vital to put the story of the company’s website on the About Us page. Keep in mind that your story has to be short. Neither you nor your site is a storyteller; thus you need to keep it as short but as detailed as possible. Your details should inspire the visitors and make them want to buy. They are not written to bore them.


Tell your visitors how unique and special you and your products are. Every business has a big competition, so your content has to make you stand out and offer something of more value. This is the vital part of the About Us page for your website so take your time. You don’t have to complete this section of the website in a day. Get some insights from other website owners who might have some experience, let them review the website and give you some tips to improve your webpage.


#4 Personalize your company


It is crucial that you show your personnel to the customers. Yes, you are a company. However, companies are made up of employees who are real people. This way your customers will relate to your staff as real human beings. Again, it all comes down to building trust and strong relationships with the customers. For instance, a photo of your team all smiling and happy will instantly create a positive vibe around your readers so they will trust in your company more.


You could add some biographies of your staff under the pictures. However, you don’t have to get into too much detail. Also, some of the employees would not want their full names or photographs displayed on the About Us page of the website so it might lead to some privacy issues. However, there is a solution. You might use the drawn pictures of caricatures of the staff which will be funnier and add a humorous look to the face of your business which is great. Instead of using full names and long descriptions, just use the first names and that’s it - everyone is happy!


#5 Make videos


Words do not always convey the details to the readers, so you might consider creating videos of your company, whether it is your business premises or the staff or how you deal with your customers. Go as creative as you can, hire professionals for this job who has some experience in getting videos viral. If you can get your videos viral, you will be amazed by how many people will know and talk about your small company. There are lots of companies who have done it and succeeded to get their videos viral.


But remember, don’t be afraid to spend on your videos a little bit more than expected. After all, you will not make videos every single day, unless it is what you do. The quality of the videos will represent the quality of your work. So focus on the quality, not just the quality of the videos, but everything that comes with your business.


#6 Show off a little bit


In case you have some awards or achievements, the About Us page for your website is the best place to put them. Of course, you should also have some references on different sites, but it is important to put them in yours too. Create a nice list of your achievements and awards, include the links to those achievements and remember to use quality images, so they look genuine.


If your business is involved in a charity or other types of support activities, do not forget to state them as well. It will reflect the kindness of the company and build an emotional bond between website visitors and your company.


#7 Associate yourself with others


If the company was featured in a TV show, the radio, or a popular news media website, don’t forget to include them as well. Bigger companies or mainstream media talking about your business is a significant trust element. If your website visitors find positive feedback or review about your business on multiple sites, they will never have a second thought about purchasing something from you. You will gain an instant trust of the website visitors.


#8 Set your goals


Tell the visitors what you are working towards. Setting goals and missions will show you that you are serious about what you are doing and will do anything it takes to achieve your goals. Your mission statement should indicate that professionally fixing problems of the people and delivering the best customer experience is your priority.


#9 Contact us


The Contact Us is also one of the most needed web pages of your site. It includes your telephone number, email and the address of your business location. How you should write and design the contact us page for your website is another topic for another day. However, you need to consider creating a small space on the About Us page and use it to include the contact details. Adding your contacts will boost conversion rates because the visitors who want to ask you some questions before proceeding to purchase will easily reach you and find answers.


By including your contacts in an easy to reach a place, you are showing that your company is ready to communicate with its customers through multiple channels, whether it is telephone number, email address or live chat. Many people don’t want to talk on the phone; they would rather text the company. People are very used to texting these days, so you need to keep that in mind. Putting a live chat option on the right-hand side of your every web page is a great way to reach your customers. It represents the trustworthiness and readiness to deal with customers problems which adds another layer to the trust.


#10 Feedback option


While crafting an About Us page, you should keep in mind that customers are the ones who observe your business from a distance. If excellent customer experience is something you are looking for (which you should), then you need to allow your customers to submit feedback and help you improve the quality of your service. This is not a hard job; you just have to add two sections, the one for the customer’s email and another for her comment or feedback and we’re done!


Allowing your users to help you work towards success shows that you are willing to take all the responsibility for your actions, open to discussions with anyone and interested in people’s opinions. It does not only show that you are willing to deal with the customers, but also helps you gather a lot of useful information which you can use to make improvements and attract more people as a result.


#11 Call to action


This is a vital element that you need to consider when creating an About Us page for your website. The About Us page has provided a lot of information about its history, mission, goals, staff, customer experience and so on. It is now time to call your visitors to take action. After all, the reason you are doing all these is to make sales. So after the visitors get to know you a little bit, you could put your featured product and give it a brief description.


Putting a signup section for the newsletter is also an option. The people who sign up for this are the ones who are really interested in doing business with you in the future. Thus, it is critical to get in touch with them from time to time, give them some information about your featured products that they might be interested in. However, don’t spam your newsletter subscribers. Most of them won’t even read many marketing emails, so keep them as few as possible without irritating your subscribers. It is just a way to remind them of your business, and that’s it.


#12 Include your social media


Websites usually put their social media webpages on the bottom of the page, and that’s something you should do as well. However, you might also put those somewhere on the About Us page near the Contact Us section. This makes your visitors get towards you one step closer and join the community of your followers. Your site may be very new and unfamiliar to your visitors. However social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are something they spend a lot of time on. Thus, they will feel more comfortable if they see you on the same platform as well. Social media marketing s an important aspect of your business, so you should never overlook this.


#13 Make it shine


Up to this point, we have given you a lot of information on how important the creation of the About Us page is for your website. It is time to design the About Us page. Without proper and creative web design, no one will want to read your story. Adding a fantastic layout with vibrant colors will grab the attention of the visitor and make her want to engage in the content.


However, page design has to be carefully inspected before putting it on your About Us page. You need to check that the content does not interfere with your design; the navigations are easy and intuitive.


Beyond that, you might design the web page temporarily for the occasion. For example, if it is New Year’s Eve you might change the theme to New Year, have some snow on the bottom of the screen and maybe Santa Claus that talks to the visitor. Again, this all comes down to the imagination and creativity. Let your imagination go wild and put it on the webpage. You will see the results later.


#14 Check everything thoroughly


As we are approaching the end of discussing About Us page details, it is vital to note that you should check your content a few times before putting it on your webpage. Make sure that the spelling also grammar is correct, the links are working, there is no plagiarism, and make sure to fact check everything.


#15 Stay up to date


Once the webpage is written and published on the website, you may relax that your job is done there. However, you will have to come back to that page from time to time and make some updates. For instance, maybe you have gotten a new award, so it is essential to put it on the About Us page of your website. Perhaps you have hired a new professional employee, and it is time to introduce him to the audience. While this type of content is not something urgent, the information about your contacts, address or email has to be updated right away. You cannot lose your potential customers just because they couldn’t get in touch with you.


#16 Different pages for different countries


If you are also dealing with an international audience, you might determine which countries’ people engage in your website the most and create an individual page for that particular country. It will show how attentive you are to your international audience and help you grab more attention from foreign countries.


If you have come this far, most probably you are really into making an outstanding About Us page for your website, and we support you. By this point you have learned why creating an About Us page for your site is important and what things you should do to come up with a fantastic About Us page. It is time to give you some examples from large and popular companies, show you how they have designed their webpage and what they are talking to their website’s visitors.


We have picked five random however beautifully made About Us pages from around the web, and I’ll tell you why each of them works so well and also a few tweaks that we might make to make them even more powerful. Let’s check them out. Not every webpage is perfect, so it is okay to break some rules here and there to make your website unique and compelling.





Their About Us section has been split into four parts, and this webpage which is the subcategory of About Us page tells us the main story. So the first sentence conveys how they purchase high-quality products and use them in their coffees. However, they state, that’s not the whole story of Starbucks.


As you can see they put their mission right on top of the article stating their two primary missions - making a fantastic coffee and making the world a better place. Then they take us to their story of how they have got started. They are showing their story goes back to the 70s, the inspiration of the company’s name and tradition of coffee traders. They gave a piece of brief but captivating information about how the chairman of Starbucks got into this business. If you have noticed, they are keeping it very short and straightforward. There are no complicated words or sentences, so everyone with a decent level of English can read the story and imagine it in their minds. Also, they are bringing emotions to the table such as “a feeling of connection” and “inspiring the human spirit.”


At the end of the story, they have put links to the other pages of their website. The first one takes you to their company profile where there is detailed information about their company, locations and so on. The second link takes you to their history in chronological order. That page tells the visitors in detail how they have got started and who they are now, step by step.

The third link, however, takes us to their countless awards and honors. If you check out their Recognition page, you will see that there are also various outbound links to different websites.


Rent the Runway


This one is the website of Rent the Runway. This is an excellent example of a business having a philosophy that’s basically should or shouldn’t statement like a dentist saying “nobody should have to be afraid of going to the dentist” or a tree removal service saying “you should be able to enjoy your yard.” This only works if the statement is rooted in your customers’ desires or in the problem that they need to be solved. In this case, it says that their mission is always to make women feel more confident and empowered.



I would tend to believe that their customers probably feel the same way so the overlap is definitely there and we love this page because it tells the origin story but isn’t self-indulgent. It proposes a problem that all women feel which is spending a bunch of money on clothes but still having that feeling of nothing to wear. So mainly they are relating to their customers with a statement of understanding, and then they talk about how they are changing that. In the end this about us page is all about you - the customer and how this business is willing to solve your problems.


Cultivated Wit


Here we have cultivatedwit.com, and this is a perfect example that showcases the personality of a business. It does not directly talk about the customer benefits as much as the previous one, but they do a pretty good job of getting you actually do want to work with them and this nice big image kind of lets you get to know them and into their world a little bit and it’s not too self-indulgent either. If we keep scrolling down, we’ll see this large text on the left which breaks down what they do, and I would like to see a little bit more explanation, but I still wanted to show you this example because it demonstrates you don’t need to write like a term paper on your website. You can write with personality because people will want to work with you more if you do it that way. On the right, they talk about their overall belief that humor can make complicated ideas more understandable and products more fun.



Scrolling down we can see they have some staff BIOS and pictures that go along with it. It is always optional, so if you have to do them, have fun with it. These might be a little over the top, but they’re in a comedy, so it’s in keeping with their actual brand reputation high here. So even if your business is not in the comedy realm which it probably isn’t, you can still take a page out of their playbook here and use a light-hearted touch with your staff or team photos.


Amy Porterfield


Now we have got Amy Porterfield’s website which is an excellent example of a personal brand for coaches or consultants, and Amy knows her audience well which is primarily women who want to get out of the nine to five and start their online businesses. She meets them right there where they are with her own story and how she used to be one of them. She shares everything that she did wrong until she reveals what that person finally did right and how she can help guide them to success too because it’s a path that she knows very well and this about us page. However, it’s all broken down into bite-sized chunks, and that keeps people more interested in reading all the way down.


Two Arms Inc.


This one is Two Arms Inc. and is one of our favorites. It is super simple, and this and the big bold image up top gives a real sense of the personality of the company and the Brooklyn nests of it all. As we scroll down here, you get a straightforward statement that both introduces themselves while giving several benefits their clients can expect. Quick turnaround and attention to detail. Then we have got a few more strong images followed by another strong statement saying “We are there to make you look good.”

Then they have got a nice authority building section of recognizable companies that they have done work for, and that can seem a little indulgent like it’s focused on them. However, this is a brilliant way to build authority and clients do want to see this. It acts as a testimonial in a way. Now if I were redoing this for them, what I might do is make it a little more visual including the company logos rather than just writing the names out. Most people might skip right past this because it is styled plainly. Remember, people will generally skim a website and not so much read it. So anytime you can make something visual like using a logo rather than writing out the name of a company, you should probably go for that.


There you go! You now have all the essential information about how you should create an About us page for your website. We have already told you regarding the necessity of writing such a webpage, given you a bunch of tips and tricks to make the best out of your creation. You have been given some examples of how different websites do it. Although they were not all perfect, we all could find something to learn from them.


When you are creating the About Us page, whether it is your website or your boss’s, let this article be your guide. There are a lot of information and tips that can be forgotten. Consult this post as you create your piece, it will help you a lot in the process. You might also check other About Us web pages created by famous brands. They are usually very good at everything including writing content for their websites. We have shown you only five examples, but the whole World Wide Web is full of examples. You can pick one or a few and create your own based on those.


What you will build depends on the level of your creativity, skills, experience in writing content and an ability to interpret information well. It is okay if it does not come out very well, all you have to do is to try again and again until you get it right, and believe me you will!