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Alberto Fiorelli provides the best custom-made Italian shirts that act as "an extension of your personality." You have the choice to order shirts of any fabric, style, color, and size you want. All you need is to specify the details you prefer.



Design Process

Our client wanted an e-commerce website that would ultimately increase sales. So our design team came up with many creative approaches to design numerous mockups for the client. After testing the several design options that had a visual impact, we presented them to the client. After helpful feedbacks, we proceeded with the actual website design and launched it after the client's approval.

  • December 2020

    Web Design Stage

    We prioritize our client's preference; that led us to have an extensive discussion with the client to know what he exactly wants. Through the feedback, we created numerous creative and artistic designs. Each design was critically examined to make sure that's what our client was searching for.

  • December 2020

    Web Development

    After the website was created, we wrote and posted content on the webpages. All the contents were checked through our content managers to ensure it was of the highest quality.

  • December 2020

    Testing Phase

    After uploading and checking the content for errors, we run the entire website through various tests. This was to ensure that the website was working as it should. We fixed any problems that occurred before presenting it to the client.

    We also checked and verified if all the links and any other functionalities were working. We examine each page to ensure that everything was working smoothly.

  • December 2020

    Launch Phase

    We added some final touches to the design elements before we launched the website, tested the features and interactivity, and the user experience. After the client's consent, we published the website. Even though the project was completed successfully, we always kept in touch with the client to take any assistance he needed.

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