Affordable SEO services have been dominating the SEO market for quite some time now. Search engine optimization is becoming a must for any business. This makes it crucial for SEO services to offer lower prices from the competition to win more hearts and minds. But can quality SEO be affordable? 

This is a common question asked by many new companies, all looking for proper SEO. Every business would prefer to partner with trusted SEO agencies, and the affordability part is where the doubts start. The simple answer to the question of whether there can be affordable SEO services is, Yes. But, there are common misconceptions you need to overcome to choose your SEO services confidently. These budget-friendly SEO services can help you grow your business in many ways. A need to understand some SEO facts comes in handy when choosing cost-efficient SEO services. You will come across many myths, so it is best to be able to differentiate. 

What is affordable SEO?

Before you can start your search for affordable SEO services, you need to understand what SEO is, and what it isn’t. There are three main facts to know about SEO. 

SEO is a mix of marketing strategies

SEO is a term used to cover a combination of procedures that businesses can use to improve their online visibility. Some strategies can be; web design, copywriting, blogging, site coding, blogging. All of these tools fall under the SEO strategy. The main goal of SEO is to attract lots of potential customers to the websites of the company. Since SEO has many tools it uses, it can be simplified to fit the budget of any business. Even fresh new start-ups can afford a few blog posts and keyword-rich title tags, which are SEO practices that can match the strictest of budgets. 

SEO is easy

affordable seo services

Some sources can scare you away from the idea of making a successful SEO. You might be tricked into believing that SEO is for the lucky few. None of these are true. SEO is rather simplistic and can be implemented to fit the needs of everyone. The more you investigate the SEO process, the more you start to understand that SEO is more accessible than thought. You might even be tricked into thinking that having an in-house team working on SEO can be more cost-effective. This, in itself, is a significant misconception. Hiring SEO services means that you will receive professional help from the experts while saving the time you would have spent doing in-house SEO. 

Simple things like creating a good user experience, enhancing title tags, adding keywords are all parts of SEO. They can help you save both time, and money. 

Keyword stuffing

The last but indeed not the least fact you need to know about SEO is, stuffing tons of keywords does not cut it anymore. This tactic might have worked before, but Google has taken strict action to block it. The SEO of today is all about the golden user experience. Search engines are more interested in customers enjoying the content written on websites, rather than them reading one keyword after the other. A little more research, understanding of keywords, and analyzing is needed to reach optimal levels of SEO. Remember, the more people visiting your website, the more you are loved by Google!

SEO services can’t break the bank

This is a misconception made by significant SEO services that do not hold back on their prices. In fact, if you do spend heavily on SEO, it can indeed harm your company. Since SEO is working progress and it takes time for your website to reach the top of search engine results pages, you can spend heavily and not wait for the campaign to grow. Remember, you can always spend money as time passes, but you will never be able to get back the amount you have spent. 

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This nuance is the main reason why you should focus on cheap SEO services. If you do not want to work on your SEO in-house, you might be tempted to spend heavily on third party services. Besides taking a significant risk in investing heavily in expensive SEO services, you might need to cut spending on other aspects of your business that can bring more benefits. As a result of all of this, affordable SEO services is the obvious choice. 

Affordable SEO services and Cheap SEO

This is one of the main, if not the main misconceptions about cost-efficient SEO services. Some business owners might mix up the two different understandings. To understand their differences, you need to be able to understand what each of them does. 

Affordable SEO services

The main difference between an affordable SEO service, and a cheap one is that cost-efficient SEO services give you company measurable results and trusted services. You also receive good prices for the work you demand. The level of affordability, however, may change depending on the company. Your marketing budget is also a defining factor in the price of SEO. If you are a major company with a massive budget and more demanding work, expect to pay around five to eight thousand dollars per month for SEO services. But if you have a relatively small business, you might want to find SEO services that charge around 800 to 1700 US dollars a month for their SEO. But remember, it is the quality and performance that really matters. 

Cheap SEO

cheap seo

As the name might imply, cheap SEO services can offer you low-cost SEO. But almost all of the time, the service is of low quality. Every company can afford such services, but you never receive a substantial return on investment if you go down this particular road. The reason behind the failure is the fact that these companies skip the critical steps leading to a successful SEO. Often, you will not be receiving a custom strategy, instead what you will be getting is an already made template that might not fit your business needs. It might seem tempting at first to go for the cheap option, but further down the line, you will receive a strategy that brings almost no results. Some cheap SEO services often practice Black Hat SEO strategies that may damage the reputation of your website.

Most cheap SEO services offer their pricings at around a couple of hundred dollars a month. Some of them even charge a hundred dollars or less depending on the service. This may seem like a steal at first, but the only thing that will be stolen is your money. Hence, it would be best if you protect your investments by purchasing SEO services, and not cheap ones. 


In conclusion, there are many misconceptions surrounding affordable SEO services. The first way to clear these misunderstandings is to be able to differentiate the cheap from the affordable. Just as your business is unique in its way, every SEO company will function differently. The goal is to find the ones that are willing to work side-by-side with you and not for you. Determine your goals and budget, and choose the company that fits the criteria. Otherwise, cheap meat won’t make a good soup.