Some people think that if they have a logo and a slogan, it is a brand. Too many people in the world believe that branding begins with choosing a brand name and ends with hiring a designer to slap a few colors on any old generic logo and it is done. If you are looking for the best company name ideas, you should know that choosing the perfect brand name is the most exciting and the hardest element of branding. It takes time to build a brand and develop a powerful brand identity. There is not any magic formula for choosing the best name for the company. Even when you find the best name, you make the matter worse and continue to guess the second one. Before jumping into choosing the best name for the company, take your time and follow our simple steps to come up quickly with some creative company name ideas that are going to work for your business or organization.

Create a brand avatar of your business




Before you start to think long and hard about creative company name ideas, it is a must to identify as precisely as possible the ideal and target customer for your products or services of your business. If you do not know who you create your brand for, you are not going to find a strong name. Understanding your target customer will help you when you start to build your marketing and business strategies too, that’s why it is well worth for effect. So, come up with your working title. But you should not wholly set your brand name until you make sure that it is going to appeal to your target audience and reflect your brand values.

Creating a useful brand avatar is an instinctual and imaginative process, but it is also so essential to use hard data. Web tools are available to provide you with significant demographic information about users to competitor’s websites, including age, gender, location, education, and ethnic origin.

Also, checking social media accounts of competitors such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can provide you with some advantageous soft intelligence about their customers base and online following. By using these sources, you ought to be able to build a clear picture of the customer that your business is targeting. But that is not all, and it is the beginning.

Create your brand prototype




If you have prepared your brand avatar, it is also important to define a brand prototype when you come up creative brand name ideas that will work. The goal is to understand as much as possible what your brand means or will be represented that it is a vital presupposition to decide on the best name for the company to attract potential customers. It is necessary to understand that objective of picking a brand name for a company is to individualize your customer. The purpose of the prototype individualizes your company along with its products and services.

Another useful tip for thinking of this is to try to find an answer “How your brand is going to make a strong emotional bond with intended customers?”. You want the best name for the company to represent something about who you are and what you do.

Look at these brand name examples to inspire:

Nike - The name of this famous brand comes from the ancient Greek Goddess who was a symbol of triumph. Behind these four letters, It has a strong meaning.

Dove - Doves represents feminine conceptions of purity and softness together which is perfect for a toiletry brand.

It is a great idea discussing with your workfellows about non-verbalized meanings and emotive associations for your brand can stand you in good stead. Maybe you will add those generated ideas to your branding guidelines in the future. It will help you to make sure that various elements of your branding are logical, adaptable and practical.

Generate creative brand name ideas




The next step you should follow is to create creative brand ideas that represent your brand prototype and address your brand avatar. It is not a complex task, but some general tips can help you out.

Keep your brand name simple

The best name for the company should be short, simple and easy to say. The ideal brand name should consist of two syllable words. Because two syllable words usually become more attractive to the target audience and more memorable.

If you are going to produce a wide range of products, the best name for the company should not be too specific. Let’s take an example of “Footjoy” which is famous for making high-quality golf shoes. Using the name “Footjoy” instead of “Footjoy Golf Shoes” lets them sell a wide range of golfing and outdoor gear.

With these thoughts, you are able to begin brainstorming the best name for the company.

Find word associations to brainstorm the best name for the company



You can begin with a few simple word association games. You should find and note down as many words associated with your company as possible. If you work by yourself, friends or your family can give you helpful feedback. You should also try to invent a new word or combine two words to form a new one. “Footjoy” can be an example.

If you do not have creative company name ideas, you can use an online thesaurus. First, you can enter all the possible name for your business, and the site will generate a lot of synonyms and related words. Then you can enter these associated words to get more ideas. While you search for creative brand name ideas, do not forget to create a spreadsheet of the results. In the end, you can create a new word by recombining the results you gathered.

Check the creative brand name ideas whether they are available or not




If you have a shortlist of some creative brand name ideas, it is so necessary to check whether they are currently in use or not. You should make sure that other businesses do not trademark with your possible brand name and a suitable domain is also available. You should follow these tips:

  • Search domain name by using one of the primary domain providers such as GoDaddy.

  • Check facebook and twitter accounts to know if there is the same or similar brand name for the company

  • Search at United States Patent Service to check that your creative brand name ideas are not trademark protected.





A brand name for a company is going to be one part of the long-term development of your brand. For example, Apple is one of the most popular brands whose name does not have any relation to its products at all. There are a lot of options to find the ideal brand name for a company, and it is going to be an essential part of your brand identity. Your brand is more than a name and a logo. You should characterize your company and what you represent and share it with the world.