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Bluedge Entertainment

Bluedge Entertainment is a wedding and event organization company located in San Francisco. They provide services such as video records, DJ services, photo booth, lighting, and decors for special occasions and weddings. The company has offered its services from London, Beijing to most parts of the world, and they have the experience and knowledge when it comes to the taste in music.

Let’s go through the projects we’ve completed for Bluedge Entertainment. We worked on the following projects for our client: web development, digital marketing, and graphic design.


Quan Zou

Design Process

Since the planning stage in the design process is highly relevant, our design team took their time to understand what the client wanted through multiple meetings. We went through the requirement analysis, such as the target audience, client goals, and other relevant details. We were able to come up with different creative designs and presented them to the client through that. After the feedback, we started the main web development.

  • November 2018

    Website Design

    From the requirement analysis obtained from the client, we were able to produce numerous creative mockups. Through our constant communication with the client, he selected his preferred mockup and moved up to the next phase.

  • December 2018

    Web Development

    The real work began during this period. We were able to develop the website according to the client’s specifications, load content, special features, and interactivity. After a month of hard work, we were ready to launch the website.

  • January 2019

    Website Launch

    After reviewing and checking for any errors in the website, we launched the website for public viewing. The website was fully functional, custom-designed, optimized for mobile users, speed optimized, and SEO optimized.

  • January 2019

    Search Engine Optimization

    We performed an effective local SEO for Bluedge Entertainment. Based on our data-driven insights, we were able to improve the visibility of the website.

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