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Covidx Testing

COVIDx is a premier concierge that provides high-quality COVID testing at homes, weddings, events, offices, hotels, schools, and other locations. The company's 10-minute results are safe, convenient, accurate, and, most importantly, licensed. COVIDx offers a discount for groups such as employees, guests, clients, etc.


Ely Sorkin

Design Process

Before the entire design process began, we had a meeting with the client to understand his website's specifications. Through that, we obtained all the details needed to create the website.

After the initial meeting, our UI/UX design team developed mockup designs for the client to select one. The client gave suggestive feedback. After final consultation, he selected and approved to commence work.

We created the website according to the specifications provided by the client. After developing the product, we run it through a series of tests to ensure that everything was properly working before publishing it.

  • November 2020

    Unique Website Design

    We created the COVIDx website after many discussions with the client. It was to ensure that we created a site that fits the client's needs and appeals to their potential customers.

  • November 2020

    Web Development

    Our team came up with numerous ways to execute the project after a detailed discussion with the client in the web design stage. The website created had various artistic qualities, and we ensured that it was what the client was looking for.

  • December 2020

    Testing Phase

    After designing the website, we ran it through numerous test phases to make sure it upheld the quality we were searching for. We fixed any errors that came up and showing the website to the client. After the final discussion, the website was launched.

  • January 2021

    Final Launch

    Before we finally launched the website, we completed all the tests, debugging, and reviews. After the launch, we took care of some minor tasks before we closed the project. We gave source files, instructions, and any information the client needed to ensure the website keeps producing what the client envisioned.

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