The roots of digital marketing services and its technology can be traced back to the 1980s. It was around this time that computers started to become more sophisticated and could store large amounts of customer data — this substantial breakthrough in technology matched perfectly with the evolving idea of relationship marketing of the time. The relationship marketing concept emphasizes creating connections with the customer. Grabbing this opportunity, many marketers left their offline techniques, which were growing obsolete, in pursuit of database marketing.

By the year 1968, a contact and customer management company named ACT! introduced the first database marketing software. This software took the business world by storm. Many companies saw the software as a digital Rolodex, which could store even larger volumes of customer information. 

The digital marketing industry today has grown to engulf the modern business world. It involves everything from digital content marketing to social media covering almost every part of the business industry. The goal of this article is to inform you about different types of digital marketing services and their benefits to your business. 

Why digital marketing services are a big deal

Before you can start to look into the different types of digital marketing services, you need to understand why digital marketing is even a big deal in the first place. The amount of time most people spend on their mobile devices is rapidly increasing. Did you know that the average American spends over 4 hours a day looking at a mobile phone? You might be scared by the fact, but consumers indeed spend a large portion of their time on mobile devices. 

The facts mentioned above are what make digital marketing more impactful than it has ever been. Without a digital marketing practice, you will not be able to reach anyone. If you are not able to reach anyone, what is the point of having a business in the first place? So take this time to look at some digital marketing services to see which one suits your business the most. 

Search Engine Optimization

digital marketing services

Search engine optimization or SEO, is considered to be the holy grail when it comes to digital marketing. The term refers to growing the presence of your website and business in an organic (non-paid) way. A potential customer should be able to arrive on your page through a search engine results page (SERP) after they have searched for a relative keyword. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex can give users individual results based on their keywords. There are other factors like a user’s browsing history and location that can also influence the results. 

These organic search results show up in the form of a list that is ranked based on a search engine’s algorithm. The algorithm can change depending on the way users search and interact with the content. As you may have understood by now, the higher your rank on the SERP, the more potential customers are likely to enter your website. Every visitor has a chance to turn into your long time, loyal customer. 

Search Engine Marketing

You might confuse SEO and SEM, but no need to worry. Search engine marketing (SEM) helps to fix the areas SEO might have left out, which is paid traffic from search engines. Through SEM, you can buy space for more advertisements that also show up on consumer SERPs. The most popular SEM platforms as of now are Google AdWords and Bing Ads. 

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Digital marketing services like Google Adwords charge clients a certain amount of money to display their ads on SERPs that can change according to the keywords and phrases. A standard method of SEM is pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC. Through PPC, companies are charged by search engines every time their ads are clicked on, hence the name pay-per-click. 

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a part of digital marketing that focuses on bringing quality content like the one you are reading now, to users to generate more leads and sales. These types of content can be published anywhere. Written blogs can be seen on websites, video content can be on video services like Youtube, and even Tweets, and posts on social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram all are parts of content marketing. Content marketing works well because it combines useful written blogs like the one you are reading now and different content types with other digital marketing services like Social Media Marketing (SMM) and SEO. 

When creating content, it is crucial to keep the target audience in mind. Content developers should be able to understand who they are talking to, and what might be their interests. Your content will help create the image of your company. It is also mandatory to understand what users search for online to be able to choose the most optimal keywords which can help your SEO. 

Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the newest digital marketing services on offer. The concept depends on using famous people with a sizable online reach to drive sales and traffic. Companies usually use social media hubs like Snapchat and Instagram to carry out influencer marketing tactics. Businesses, hire Snapchat and Instagram celebrities that have a large following to post pictures with their products and services. This helps promote their brand identities and creates a sense of assurance for potential customers. Even in some cases, companies allow the influencer to control the company’s social media hubs for a brief amount of time. This practice is called an Instagram or Snapchat takeover, which happens for around a day at most. 

Besides spreading awareness about a particular product or service, influencer marketing also helps to popularize it. If a viewer following a particular celebrity sees them using a specific product, then he or she will not hesitate to purchase it. The concept of influencer marketing can somewhat be traced back to old fashioned advertisements of the day. These ads showcased famous actors which promoted products of specific brands. Nowadays, the practice has evolved into the influencer marketing everyone knows today.  

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a digital marketing services practice that requires business owners to pay affiliates for conversions. The affiliate can be seen as a salesperson that earns a commission for your products and services. In the case of affiliate marketing, the business owners are the ones that determine the rate for conversions. Since there are no upfront costs that come with it, lots of e-commerce websites and bloggers prefer to use affiliate marketing. 

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If you ever decide to use affiliate marketing for your digital marketing needs, make sure to discuss your terms with the affiliate beforehand. Since that person will be representing your brand, you do not want to make any mistakes in that regard. This makes it crucial to consider the words that will be used by the affiliate.


Digital marketing services are rapidly growing in correlation with advancements in technology and entertainment. Each service mentioned above may seem different than the one mentioned before. But in reality, they all combine to create the digital marketing ideology known today. The goal of digital marketing is to bring advertisements to the doors of online users around the world. This happens by combining a clockwork-like mechanism that works alongside many different cyber technologies that have consumed the lives of users everywhere. Digital marketing services will only grow more prominent as time passes, and it will surely be a cake you will want to have a slice of!