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First US Financials

First US Financials provide debt management services. Their target audience is people who struggle with debt pressure and look for a solution to reduce their obligations. As most people do not believe that the answer to their debt problems exists, the main aim of the First US Financials is to communicate their credibility to the visitors through their website. The company wanted to showcase its expertise and trustworthiness, which became our primary goal in the web design and development processes.


Imad Chaer

Project Cycle

Our skilled team recognized that the potential audience has little to no knowledge about the existing services for debt relief. Hence, we created an informative website with all the information needed for the visitors supplied in professionally-written content pieces. Besides explaining the way First US Financials works, its benefits, and different service types, we also made a short video to utilize audio-visual elements and build trust. Our team kept the web design simple so that visitors can easily find and read critical information.

  • February 2020

    Agreement with the Client

    Once the client contacted us, we made the necessary documentation for the project to start

  • March 2020

    Initial Mockups

    Based on the client specifications, we created the initial design of the website

  • April 2020

    Frontend Design

    The agreed design was put into the codes, and the full development process has started

  • May 2020

    Optimization and Testing

    Our team optimized the website for speed and search and tested its working elements

  • June 2020


    After the approval of the client, the final version of the website was ready to launch

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