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Glossary keyword - 302 Redirect

302 Redirect

302 Redirect leads users to a new link different from what they originally requested for a short time of period. It also informs search engines that the move will be reversed to the original website, and they should keep ranking.

Website owners use this type of redirect when in several cases. For instance, when they need to redesign or update the website, they send current traffic to a new link. This process is for ensuring the smooth experience of users. In another case, owners want to test a new page and receive some feedback, so they use 302 Redirect. By doing so, they check the new page without hurting the rankings of their current website. 

301 vs. 302 Redirect

There exist different types of redirections. Some people might confuse these two types. The key difference between 301 and 302 redirect is their availability time. As already mentioned, 302 is for the cases when the move is only temporarily. However, 301 redirect channels traffic to a new page permanently. It is especially useful when people purchase a new domain name.

Effects on SEO

Using the right redirect is essential as it will impact the Search Engine Optimization effort considerably. When people utilize a 301 redirect, they signal to search engine that the old website is useless. Therefore, Google cancels the index of the original site and transfers link equity to the new website. Hence, owners need to be very careful. If they move the site for a temporary period, they would not wish the index of the original website to be removed. If they use a 302 redirect, there would not be any damage to SEO efforts. In this case, the initial page keeps its index and link equity. The reason is that Google, this time, knows that the move is for a short period. Therefore, there will not be any loss of traffic, ranking, value, or authority.

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