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Glossary keyword - Accessibility


Accessibility is the design of devices, environments, products, or services to make them usable by disabled people. The practice and concept of accessible development enable both indirect and direct access by people with disabilities. Indirect access, in this sense, means the design is compatible with the assistive technology of a disabled person. A good example, in this case, is a computer screen reader. On the other hand, direct access is unassisted access. Also, you can also describe accessibility as the ability to access the advantages of some entity or system. It focuses on people with special needs or abilities.

Relations of Accessibility

Therefore, such designs aim to use assistive technology to make the system and environments more accessible. However, development and research in this field yield benefit not only to persons with disabilities. Nevertheless, you must not confuse usability with accessibility. Usability is the degree that a specific user can use a product to achieve goals effectively. Accessibility, on the other hand, relates strongly to universal design. This is the process of designing products for use by people with the broadest variety of abilities. And working within the broadest possible array of scenarios. Hence, the universal design goes beyond disability to design products for all people, unlike accessibility, which focuses on the disabled.

Advocacies for Accessibility

Many parties have advocated for the same ease of access to political, economic, and social life. One of such vital advocates is the disability rights movement. According to the movement, equal access goes beyond physical accessibility but also covers access to the same organizations, tools, facilities, and services which everyday people enjoy. For example, polling stations. All signatories of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Article 9 are under obligation to offer fully accessible facilities in their respective nations. 

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