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Glossary keyword - Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are extra features for Pay-per-click ads. These additional elements can be in the form of price listing, image, location setting, call extension, etc. By using Ad extensions, marketers add more information to their ads and generate more traffic.

When marketers use these extensions, their ads take more space in search results. Hence, they gain a competitive edge against their rivals. Plus, more information, such as price defining, increases the click-through-rate of the campaign. 

Types of Extensions

There exist several types of extensions that give flexibility to marketers to add what they need. One of the most popular models is the location extension. Here, marketers can include their exact place. You can notice such ads with the symbol of map marker. For mobile users, this extension will take them to maps and show the direction.

Another example can be Call extension, where marketers put their phone numbers. By clicking it, users will contact the business. It is best to use when there is a team of people who are ready to answer calls immediately. Callouts is another type which let companies highlight specific aspect with an additional text. If there is a free shipping option or any other exciting offer, it is advisable to include them in callouts. Different variations include app, snippet, message, site link extension, etc. 

How to Use Ad Extensions?

When people use PPC ads, they can easily upgrade their marketing tactics by adding extensions. To do so, they need to enter the Google Ads account and go to ‘Extensions’ page. Here, they should click the button to add a new extension. Then, marketers need to define which extension they need. Based on their preference, different information will be requested, such as a phone number of location details. It should also be mentioned that Ad extensions are completely free and require no additional fee. 

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