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Glossary keyword - Ad Rank

Ad Rank

Ad Rank is a term that defines the position of the given paid ad on search engine result pages. For example, if the paid ad provided by a user shows up second on the SERP, it means that the ad rank for that user is equal to two. Ad Rank is a value that identifies the paid ad’s position. Not all of the ads can show up on Google search engine results. Several factors impact ad ranking, according to Google. 

Determining Factors

In 2017, Google Adwords announced that functions of the ad ranking system have slight changes. From that time, machine learning and ad ranking thresholds added to the equation. It means that every user search differs from one another, and they trigger different results at a time. If users bid lower than their competitors, ad rank of that user may get lower as well. Though bidding is not only causing, that can lead to higher or lower ad rankings. Other factors that affect the ad ranking process are shown below.

Bid amount

Every term has different values when it comes to the paid ads. For instance, a user cannot rank his/her ad for fifty cents when the term costs two dollars. According to the volume of the keywords, paid ads offer different prices that users need to adjust with. Bid amount can be determining aspect for many keywords though they depend on the context of the term. 

Ad Quality

Ad Quality is the second factor that can determine the ad rank of the user. Ad quality includes a quality score of the user’s website, landing page experience, and relevance. 


The context of the search is also a determiner for ad ranking. The context of search results includes terms, device, time of the day, and such aspects. 


Extension’s impact is also essential for ad rank because the extension needs to be relevant, produce increases in CTR rates and such things. 



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