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Glossary keyword - AI Marketing

AI Marketing

At its core, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing is all about improving the customer’s online journey. It works by using customer data and AI concepts like machine learning to anticipate their next move. With the help of advanced technology and tools like big data, digital marketers can align their marketing strategies to their specific target audience and improve ROI 

Today, AI marketing has gotten so strong that marketers can estimate and learn about their customers’ needs even before they anticipate it. To boost online marketing campaigns, it has become a must-have for businesses large and small. The big benefit for companies, aside from gaining considerable insight into their customers’ behavior, is the little effort that goes into digging up this valuable information. There are several core elements of Artificial Intelligence Marketing. Big Data and Machine learning are two major parts of AI Marketing.               

Big Data

Big Data plays a key role in the functioning of AI Marketing. Big Data is a straightforward system. It helps marketers collect and segment massive amounts of data without putting in too much manual work. By doing this, marketers can ensure that the right messages are created and the right target audience is getting that message, at the right time. The channels can be different for delivering data for customers, but the critical aspect is - the right time and right place. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a tool that is closely associated with Big Data. After creating a database in Big Data, Machine Learning can help you make sense of it all. Machine learning can then point towards buyers’ trends and everyday occurrences, which help it predict when those occurrences repeat itself. Marketers can then safely make calculated assumptions based on those trends. So the next time a buyer is looking to buy milk in the morning, AI Marketers would have already caught on to this trend long before the action happens.  

Solutions in AI Marketing

Solutions are the third part of AI marketing. They help marketers interpret the results that they conduct through contacts with customers. Artificial intelligence is compelling because it can estimate reactions, emotions, and such human tendencies. These help marketers create a strategy based on data available.

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