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Glossary keyword - Algorithm


An algorithm in computer science and mathematics means a finite sequence of instructions often well defined, and computer compatible used to solve a set of problems and to perform computations. They can also be used for data processing, automated reasoning, performing calculations, and various other tasks. Algorithms can be used in a finite amount of space and time, as well as a formal language to calculate functions. For a successful algorithm to take place, the start or initial input, which can be empty, leads to a set of instructions that describe a computation. This computation shifts through different states to finally come out as output and are resolved at the end state. The shifting from different states above mentioned do not have to be preset, and they can sometimes have random outcomes do to random inputs.

Computer Algorithms

In computer systems, terms algorithms define an instance where logic is written in software language by software developers. This makes computers perform output actions from any input that is inserted. When an algorithm is to optimal use, it can perform fairly swiftly on older hardware. Because of this innovation, algorithms are considered to be technological advancements. Flowcharts, along with computer programs, can aid users in documenting and describing algorithms.

Just like a Minsky machine, flowcharts start from the top of the page and ascend downwards. Four main symbols come with it: a directed arrow that shows program flow, diamond, dot, and rectangle. Canonical structures are also made up of such primitive shapes. If one exit takes place out of the superstructure, then a substructure can nest in the rectangle. The diagram shows symbols and the use they can be put to, to build canonical structures. Algorithms have even found their way into social media platforms, like Facebook Algorithm services.

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