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Glossary keyword - AMP


Amp is a developer component that serves as a framework for professionals who are developing user-centric marketing media such as websites, emails, or ads. Primarily, AMP helps in crafting a great user experience for audiences across the web. Hence, you could either be an e-commerce professional, email marketer, advertiser, or publisher, you could use Amp to put together more engaging and interactive web experiences. 

Like some of such HTML frameworks, Amp is entirely open-source and within the public domain. It offers an easy means of creating web pages that some particular attributes. Some of these attributes are smooth-loading, fast, and above all, distinctive user experience. 

Business Benefits 

Primarily businesses that use Google Amp for developing their webpages do so because of the benefits they derive. Though there are many advantages to using Amp, there are three main benefits. You'll find them below. 

Boosts core business metrics by increasing web page speed - Amp pages display some of the fastest loading speeds on the internet. This affects the overall user experience and translates positively to the key metrics your business wants to achieve. Therefore, you get a great experience on all platforms and devices. 

Developer overhead reduces when using Amp for web development - Often it's possible to convert the entirety of your archive in a matter days when using AMP. This is especially easy when content management systems such as Drupal and Wordpress are in use. 

AMP is usable across different web platforms - Major web platforms such as Twitter, Google, and Bing use AMP to enhance user experience. 

Developer Benefits

Enable simple coding - Using AMP helps developers to maintain a level of control and flexibility over the kinds of code they need to write. Also, it's possible to customize the style of your webpages using CSS then use dynamic data to call up the required data whenever necessary. 



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