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Glossary keyword - App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to improve their app store search rankings. In much the same way that SEO works on websites, ASO works on mobile applications. As it makes apps more visible for more people to download, ASO increases the organic download potential. App Store Optimization is also known as App Store Marketing because it focuses on better product broadcasting and brand exposure. 

The main focus of ASO is app downloads, but it also increases the company’s overall visibility, audience engagement, and exposure to positive app reviews and ratings. App store optimization, in theory, is very much like SEO. Optimizations of the app name, titles, and URL are some ASO strategies widely used today. Keyword research, deep linking with mobile apps, and generation of app reviews and ratings are all part of app Store Optimization. 

In-app Store Optimization

In-app store optimization is one part of ASO. It approaches app platforms like Google Play and Apple Store. More than 63% of app downloads come directly from mobile app platforms, and ASO can increase this percentage. In-app ASO targets the app name, subtitles, and the URL and also the app keyword fields. App store optimization is all about better app rankings, therefore improving the in-app ratings and reviews will increase its organic reach. Moreover, ASO helps to reach relevant users from your targeted market. It increases organic app downloads, and it can also reduce your business costs. 

When ASO is done right, there’s no need for other ads or promotions. App store optimization doesn’t only save money, but it ensures constant organic growth. However, ASO should work together with app management tools. ASO can’t increase the popularity of an app that keeps on crashing. Also, ASO works differently on two leading platforms, Google and iOS, because they require different ranking algorithms.

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