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Glossary keyword - Application Programming Interface

Application Programming Interface

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that helps two separate applications interact with each other. API provides a notion about a problem and guides clients to implement application components that lead to a solution to that problem. These components are located in software libraries until API finds refillable building blocks that end-user applications will use while they solve the problem. An API can be developed for personal use, for clients, and for the development community. API functions may vary from single tasks to complex ones that include several enumerations, classes, methods, data types. Application Programming Interface is a system that helps various pieces of software by providing them with specific services. 

Public Application Programming Interface and API Integration

Application Programming Interface is a general concept of web programming. For many years, API has been a crucial part of a web developer’s toolset. APIs earlier were used to integrate several components that run in the same machine that is called private APIs. The rise of universal networking paved the way for public APIs that allow developers to write codes that can interact with other codes of various vendors on an online platform. This process of connecting two or more APIs are called API integration. With the help of API integration, several vendors can conduct code mashups on their systems. For instance, a user who is searching for marketing software “Marketo” can find and sync their data with that software through the Salesforce program. This interaction between two system APIs helps users to do the required tasks without writing code from scratch and getting lost in complex structures. 

Application Programming Interface Examples

Google APIs 

Google APIs allow users to connect their codes to the Google systems that help them to adjust several Google services to their own business/interest, such as Google Maps, Google Translate, and more. API is a very crucial aspect for Google; that is why the company created an API management tool which is called Apigee. 

Facebook APIs

Facebook Application Programming Interface helps users to access several tools of Facebook, such as marketing, social graph, and more. Companies/individuals can connect and use these tools, but for security issues, Facebook restricts some of the personal data of the users.

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