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Glossary keyword - Avatar


Avatar is a graphic illustration that represents a user, player, or a character through user personalizations. Avatars are mainly used in role-playing video games and websites as an integral part of webchats, messaging systems, blog posts, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. 

Avatars represented in both two and three-dimensional forms. For example, the structure of Avatar represented in video games or virtual worlds are three-dimensional forms of Avatars. Avatars that are used as an icon in internet chat forums are two dimensional. 

Origin of the concept

The word Avatar was used for the first time in Plato's role-playing computer game that was created in nineteen seventy-nine. After six years, Richard Garriott's Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar brought other on-screen representation of the word. Quest of the Avatar was the first game that allowed the player to personalize a character and use role-playing while indicating its avatar icon. In ninety eighty-six, Avatar was used in another role-playing video game, which was called Habitat. Since that time, mainly role-playing games started to include avatars on their digital content

Use of Avatars

The easiest avatars can be managed and created in chat boards by users. In games, users can generate beast images, heroes, and chat rooms, avatars that can be modified as severe or humorous characters. Avatar icons appear alongside user information on the websites. Users can create their personalized Avatar, and they can select from a pool of avatars that are provided by the video games/sites. In video games, avatar icons can move on the delivered landscape and act by the user's mouse and keyboard control. Virtual avatars can be associated with some tools that they are using during the games. For example, they can possess weapons, clothes, virtual money, vehicles, and more.

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