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Glossary keyword - Average Response Time

Average Response Time

Average Response Time is the calculation of the amount of time needed to load the HTML doc of a site from the web server so that users can start scrolling through the page. Without good Average Response Time, it will take a longer time for a server to load HTML file, and that will create problems for the web browser because it will not be able to detect essential resources to display the page correctly on the users’ screens.

Response Time is generally measured with TTFB. TTFB means the time to the first byte, and by using it, users can assess ART of their web pages. Though the speed test, it is possible to track Average Response time.

What affects Average Response Time? 

Several factors negatively affect the  ART of the server. They include:

  • Poor Web Hosting- After particular, users will get slower responses because web hosts use legacy software/hardware for their sites. Web domain hosting should be up to date to avoid these types of issues.

  • The increased traffic can slow down response time- Increased traffic means that webpages resources are used more and by many people. Every server has the capacity, and if a particular server reaches its capacity, visitors of the sites will have issues such as slower responses and error codes.

  • Bloated Webpages-Webpages needs the right optimization practices to avoid slower response time issues. Bloated webpages are those that have oversized images, the images that are not responding well, non-minified files from CSS/JS, and more.

  • Lack of Caching-Web Pages needs to have a better response rate while delivering the content to users. Unnecessary caches create waiting periods of users along die with that, caches damage average response time and loading time of the webpages. The web server must access assets for loading a page from the local cache, and if there is a lack of catching in the system, they will request it from the server itself.

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