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Glossary keyword - Backlinks


Backlinks or inbound links are HTML objects that connect to a website from outside sources. If other sites give a link to the webpage, it is a backlink. 

Inbound Links

Inbound links are essential for a successful SEO strategy as they signal reliability and usefulness. The search engines assume that if other websites give a reference, or link, to another page, then the page provides high-quality content. As the webpage is worth linking to, it should also be worth to appear on top search results. Therefore, gaining inbound links from external websites ensure that the visibility of the page increases. 

Other than fast indexing and better rankings, these links bring more visitors to the site. These visitors are also called Referral traffic. For instance, when a person is reading a blog post, he clicks a link inside the post and enters another site. As this ‘clicking’ is a voluntary process, Referral traffic is more targeted people. Therefore, they do not leave the new page instantly and stay longer, which decreases the bounce rate. Again, the website gains better ranking while accessing the targeted traffic without an effort. 

Earning and Giving Inbound Links

Earning these links - backlink building - is an integral part of the off-site SEO process. Website owners should consider that some inbound links are more valuable than others. If a page earns backlinks from a reliable and popular site, it affects more to the ranking than the links from spammy sites. The most critical strategy is creating high-quality content to get those links. Posts that answer major questions or offer helpful solutions have more probability of getting an Inbound link. People also use strategies like mentioning the link in the platforms where users look for an answer to their problems. No matter which approach people utilize, they should avoid getting spammy links. Otherwise, the website can face penalties.

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