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Glossary keyword - Banner Ad

Banner Ad

Banner Ad is a type of online advertising with a rectangular display. It stretches across the top, bottom, and sides of the website. Usually, this ad includes a photo and less text. There are two types of Banner Ads: Leaderboard and Skyscraper. The first one is a horizontal banner on either top or bottom of the webpage. In contrast, the latter is vertical and locates on the sidebars. The primary purpose of this online advertising is to get users of the host page to click the banner and get to the advertiser’s website.  

How Does Banner Ad work?

Banner Ad is a type of display advertising that consists of main images and short text. It usually appears on the website with high traffic volume. Marketers use this type of online advertising because it improves brand awareness and generates leads. 

The functioning of the ad is more or less the same as other ad types. However, the payment to the host website can be in different forms. There are three methods of payment: cost per impression, cost per click, and cost per action. The first one creates cost based on the number of visitors who saw the ad. The next one calculates the number of visitors who clicked the ad and got to the advertiser’s page. Lastly, cost per action considers a specific task in the estimation of the budget. For instance, a visitor must see the ad, click it, go to the marketed website and fill out a form or sign up. 

Tips for Ads

Banner Ads also face the problem of ad blindness by visitors. With the multitude of ads surrounding them, visitors can ignore the banner ad. Hence, it is better to use them when a brand has a special offer, such as discounts or a new collection. Plus, to improve visibility, it is advisable to choose popular websites of the target audience as hosts. 

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