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Glossary keyword - Bitly


Bitly is a link shortener service, helping users take long URLs and switch them into tiny links that are easy to type or remember. The majority of social media audiences use these services, and it is free for everyone. Users do not need to sign up to shorten their links with this tool. All they need to do is to paste the link that they are about to share on Bitly and shrink them.

Features of this Link Shortener

To access more features of this program, users need to sign up. There are several features of Bitly that include branded link creation. Real-time social media stats, campaign management, and so on. All these tools have special abilities that can help users optimize their social media accounts. For instance, the branded short domain feature allows people to replace ‘’ extension on the link with the brand name of their own. Instead of ‘ posts, they would have, for instance, webzool/blog-post. Large audiences frequently use custom link maker, and according to the company, they can increase click-through rates by as much as 34%.

How to Create Bitlinks?

It is simple to create this type of extension. The only thing that a user needs to do is to click on the bitly website, enter the original version of the URL on the box located on the right part of the screen, and click the ‘shorten’ button. After that, they can enjoy a short version of their links and share it on their social media bio and other platforms. 


Bitly is the name of the company that created this service for people. Short links that users create through this program are called ‘ bit links,’ and shortened link format looks like ‘ as mentioned above. 

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