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Glossary keyword - Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a strategy to boost ranking that goes against established guidelines search engines. Keyword stuffing, Cloaking, paid links, and other unethical practices are examples of this type of SEO. These actions do not result in superior user experiences or high-quality content. While appearing among top search results is essential, using Black Hat SEO strategies is a wrong way of achieving it. Tricking search engines is likely to damage the website visibility more than bringing benefits. There is a high probability of getting penalized if a website utilizes these practices.

Practices of Black Hat SEO

If you are new to the SEO strategies, you should be aware of those actions and avoid them. Many processes do not fit the ethical standards of the Search Engine Optimization process. Keyword stuffing is one of them. It involves overfilling the posts with keywords even when they are not relevant to the context. This practice decreases the attractiveness and readability of the article, as adding keywords brings no extra value to the visitor. Cloaking is another unethical practice. It means a page shows information to search engine that is different from what users access. In this way, they try to avoid search engines finding their spammy contents. 

However, specialists should also be aware that changing the language based on location or shrinking the content for mobile users are not part of Cloaking. Also, people should avoid sneaky redirects. It happens when a visitor clicks the links, but he gets redirected to another site. Though it looks like 301 Redirect, this type of redirection leads to an irrelevant page. Adding invisible keywords inside the content is also a wrong practice of black hat SEO. For instance, some websites add keywords and then color them similar to the background color. Though the engine thinks the content is relevant based on keywords, users do not find any high-quality posts when they enter the page.

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