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Glossary keyword - Boosted Post

Boosted Post

Boosted posts are a kind of ad that users create on their Facebook Pages. The objective of these posts is to help companies get more reactions, comments, and shares from FB users. Companies can also get new visitors interested in particular services or products and willing to buy them. While creating a boosted post, it's important to consider a goal, a limit, and try to accomplish that goal in a particular time frame. After achieving those goals, users should create a different boosted ad from their pages for separate purposes.

Benefits of a Boosted Post

Make up for organic reach that is declining

Organic reach for people while using social media is declining over time. For example, in Facebook, after one year, users see only twenty-five percent of the posts that pages are sharing. That leads to a decline in the business side of the equation, so they use a boosted post. In other words, the number of people that your posts reach is falling over time. Facebook’s objective is to fill the homepage of the user with memories, jobs, and shares from their family members, friends, and such. That is the main reason behind the decline in a number of promotional posts on the homepage of users.

Reach a wider TA.

Every company has a separate target audience. In order to reach them, they use boosted posts on social media. Boosted post allows owners to reach out to more people because boosted posts appear on the pages of users whether they subscribe to the page or not.

Easy Management

Once business owners create a business account and click boost post icon, their promotional post will go live. The boosted post gives users freedom of choice. If they changed their mind about an ad, they have a chance to cut the time of the running post or choose another one for boosting.

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