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Glossary keyword - Brand Advocate

Brand Advocate

A brand advocate is a person that uses word of mouth marketing strategy to elevate your brand. Brand advocates leave positive reviews regarding products and services. They can refer to a new customer, and while doing so, they will adjust the content on behalf of the company. The common recommendation is a must in this era, so brand advocates are critical in forming a successful business profile. 

Who Are They?

A brand advocate is any person that helps you to elevate the company’s growth

They can be:

  • Customers: Customer support seems more genuine than others if they work as brand advocates because they are not committed or affiliated with the brand of the company. Future clients get influenced by brand advocate customers due to that reason. 

  • Employees: Inside knowledge is essential to showcase the worth of the product and maintain successful relationships with customers. That is the main reason why employee brand advocates are considered a powerful tool for the marketing of the company.  

  • Business Partners: Various organizations such as charities that are affiliated with a company can do brand advocacy. Finding out a charity organization that is willing to do brand advocacy operations of the company can positively influence the purchasing decisions of customers.  

  • Influencers: Influencer can be a part of advocacy in marketing. They can be social media phenomena, famous singers, actors, and overall popular people.  

Significant characteristics of Brand Advocates:

  • Socially Active-promotional messages can be spread quickly through social media accounts that is why brand advocate should be the person who is very friendly and active on the internet

  • Loyalty- Advocates need to be loyal customers who value their relationship with the particular brand that they are advocating. 

  • Knowledge about the products/services-Advocates are not the ones that promote products just for the sake of selling. They need to be the people who enjoy the specific product and become a long term user of that product

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