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Glossary keyword - Breadcrumbs in SEO

Breadcrumbs in SEO

Breadcrumbs SEO

Breadcrumbs SEO helps Google bots understand a website's hierarchy and lets users know their position on the platform. A breadcrumb usually refers to a text located at the top of the page, and it creates a trail. It shows you where you are and where you can go from your current position. Breadcrumbs in SEO are a useful tool for SEO experts and web designers because they appear in Google Search as well. The search result breadcrumbs offer a quick overview of the page and its position on the website. They are easy to understand, and you can open them through a single click. 

Types of Breadcrumbs 

SEO Breadcrumbs split into three types: location-based breadcrumbs, attribute-based breadcrumbs, and history or path-based breadcrumbs. The first type is also known as hierarchy-based, and it represents the most common type of breadcrumbs. They represent the site's structure and help for a better understanding of the website's hierarchy and better navigation.

Attribute-based breadcrumbs show a list of features that the user previously selected. They explain how products connect to one another, and they show better navigation ways. This type of breadcrumbs follows location-based breadcrumbs. This type usually represents filters. For example, you want to see a specific product category, but attribute-based breadcrumbs will display filters like color, size, or shape. 

History-based breadcrumbs show the users their way back to the actual page or product they were looking for. An excellent example of this kind of breadcrumbs would be the "Back to home page" feature. Because they aren't as helpful, most web designers choose to combine them with other types of breadcrumbs. Therefore, you can select filters or decide to go back to the main product page. Breadcrumbs in SEO trails are necessary for complicated website structures or sites with multiple product pages and categories. 



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