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Glossary keyword - Broken Link

Broken Link

A broken link or dead link, simply put, is an HTML object which doesn't work. This link's content cannot be accessed or found by users. A link tends to break down because of an error, which can happen for a number of reasons. For instance, a link can break when its primary website is no longer available, or its URL structure was changed. Other common errors are "404: Page Not Found" and "400: Bad Request". These two errors refer to the server that no longer exists, or the host server not being able to understand the URL. Timeouts and empty responses may lead to broken links as well.

Broken links can also occur when a site owner misspells a URL, moves or deletes content, or when there are broken elements within the page. This may also happen when firewalls and geolocations restrict access to some mobile-friendly websites, and users happen to stumble upon the broken links.  

Broken links do affect SEO as they can impact Google Search rankings. Although the effect won't be too critical, it does indicate poor website management. When a website has multiple Broken links, it translates to poor to no maintenance. Google analyzes broken links to determine the quality of the website. In the event that Google does find broken links, it may send a notification to the website owner about the issue. 

Broken links are a waste of time for users, which leads to a problematic browsing experience and site navigation. They should be fixed immediately and be monitored regularly with the help of SEO tools. 

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