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Glossary keyword - Canonical Tag

Canonical Tag

Canonical tags indicate which version of the URL is the main version. It is helpful when a page has duplicate, near-duplicate, or similar variants. This type of tags helps to identify the main URL when a site has similar content under various URLs. In this way, the website also leads search engines to the right page for indexing. 

Why is Canonical Tag Important?

Search engines crawl among pages to find their importance and give a ranking. When a website has duplicate pages, the search engine may waste time among similar pages and undervalue the main version. Including a Canonical tag ensures that the PageRank algorithm knows which page to index or which is relevant to queries. Besides, it can decide whether to divide Link Equity among different URLs or combine them on one URL. Hence, this tag helps to avoid all those problems and act as a guide for the engine. If you do not include it, the search engine will decide all those issues by itself. However, relying on a search engine might not be a great idea as it should choose the wrong URL as the main one. 

Causes of Duplicate Content

Website designers may think that they do not have any duplicate content. However, duplicate content does not happen on the page level. People think about duplicate as a similar post on the page. For a search engine, duplication occurs at the URL level. For instance, for people, ‘Http://’ and ‘’ can be the same. But for search engines, each of them is a unique page. Besides, when cross-domain duplication is the case, this tag can be useful. If a newspaper wants to republish a post on the page, you can request for Canonical tag. In this way, the website will get Referral Traffic and boost its ranking.


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