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Glossary keyword - Click Fraud

Click Fraud

Click fraud happens when online advertisers get many clicks on their Pay-per-click ads with fraudulent intent. These clicks come from different sources, like individuals, computer programs, or generated scripts. As a result of useless clicks, costs of advertising skyrocket while conversion rates fall. Besides, data from PPC users becomes worthless for businesses. If the advertiser notices repeated visits from similar Internet Service Providers that do not convert to leads, it is highly probable that they are the victims of Click fraud. Besides, anomalies in data and a sudden increase in search costs can be signals of such fraud.

Who Causes Click Fraud?

While the parties and their intentions in the fraud can be different, they all hurt businesses. Sometimes competitors can be behind such activities to increase the marketing costs of their rivals. In this way, they want to push opponents from the market or, at least, to stop their promotion. Another party can be publishers. To generate more money, ad publishers trick marketers. Generally, when advertisers have less access to PPC data, they become the victims of ad publishers. Surprisingly, sometimes, customers can engage in this unethical behavior unconsciously. Instead of directly entering the website, they click the advertisement to visit the page every time. While they do not intend to hurt business, their behavior also exhausts the budgets of companies.

How to Avoid Fraud?

There exist several ways to reduce the risk of being a victim. For instance, marketers can keep a close eye on ad performance. It is useful to do previous research about the market and form some expectations about the results of ads. If the ads get considerably more clicks than expected, it can be a Click Fraud. Besides, targeting high-quality websites can also help. It is widespread that low-quality sites attract more fraud cases. 

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