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Glossary keyword - Clickbait


Clickbait is a term used to describe a false advertisement. These misleading advertisements use thumbnail links and hyperlinks to grab the attention of users and entice them to enter the link. Once in the web link, users are met with online content that can be read, listened, and viewed. This type of content is usually deceptive, misleading, and sensationalized for no reason. A sneak peek often utilizes the first view to lure users into clicking on the link to read more, but usually, the information ends up being unsatisfactory.  


Click bait techniques can be traced back to the days of yellow journalism. Modern-day authors of clickbait content use the same methods once used by them. These types of content usually have little to no research on the topic, and therefore use catchy and overly exaggerated headlines to grab the reader’s attention. Content that is considered as click bait nowadays follows the same route to vacuum in lots of unsuspecting readers. 

How Clickbait is used

Clickbait is used mainly by websites that depend heavily on clicks on their content. Authors use this physiological pressure to make eye-catching headlines to grab the reader’s attention. Unfortunately, the clickbait tactic has also been used in harmful ways to spread viruses, corrupt files, and steal data of unsuspecting visitors. Once the user clicks on the link to view more information is when the attack occurs. Another negative side of clickbait is that usually, the headlines are quite emotional and sensitive, so when the user is met with false information, he or she tends to reach a level of outrage that results in a negative notion of websites as a whole.


As the issue kept growing, many counter-measures were introduced to combat the problem. One tool that was developed was “Clickbait detection”. It utilized tools to integrate the detection tool into browsers. While big social media giants have updated their algorithms to filter such content. One of these services is Facebook Algorithms that rank content based on their relevance to views. 

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