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Glossary keyword - Content Spinning

Content Spinning

Spinning is a method of rewriting, rephrasing and rehashing content using dedicated computer software. So, if there is a need to publish articles or contents for websites, platforms, spinning makes it easy by rewriting words or phrases in different styles while avoiding plagiarism. Content Spinning can help users to rewrite original articles within a few minutes. Writers can submit rewritten content to many blogs or websites. However, spinning articles comes at a cost as some sentences will lose their original context and will not be able to convey the intended idea.

Content Spinning And SEO 

While rewriting the content, it is advised to use the best SEO-practices. When the users take the advice of the SEO companies that offer content spinning, it may possible to face a search ranking penalty. High-quality content is an essential part of SEO. Therefore, it is not advisable to use “Black Hat SEO” techniques.

Advantages Of Spinning

  • It saves time.

  • Working on the backlinks process becomes quicker.

  • It is cheap.

Disadvantages Of  Spinning

  • Google can penalize spun content for plagiarism as spinning services do not guarantee 100% unique results. Google constantly analyzes and includes many blog networks into blacklist for such practices.

  • It is said that Google gets the benefit of the activity of social channel platforms for ranking issues. Considering that the spun content does not receive so many shares, comments or likes it’s possible that the life span of the content will not be long.  

  • Spinning can ruin the structure of the post and hurt websites’ trustworthiness.

Therefore, it is best to avoid spinning content at all costs. Instead, website owners may hire or outsource content writers that can create an authoritative piece of writing your visitors may benefit from.

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