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Glossary keyword - Crawl Budget

Crawl Budget

The term crawl budget refers to the maximum number of webpages that Google crawls on a site for a specific period of time. The number of subpages crawled per URL is determined by Google based on several factors. Therefore, the crawl limit is usually not the same for all websites. According to Matt Cutts, the crawl budget largely depends on PageRank

A more significant PageRank results in a bigger crawl budget which allows even more webpages to be indexed by Google bots. Crawl budget also determines the regularity of crawling on more principle pages of a website and the level of in-depth crawling used. 

Possible Issues

Crawl budget can pose problems for more prominent websites that have lots of webpages. Those websites, with a higher number of subpages, might exceed the crawl limit resulting in unindexed webpages, possibly bringing down the overall organic traffic.

How to maximize the crawl budget?

SEO has an entire section that specializes in eliminating problems that come with crawl budgets. This section helps direct Googlebot to use crawl limits wisely to list specific web pages that are of higher quality. 

The process of lowering problems with crawl budget starts with rooting out the pages that are of lower quality and importance. These pages can be identified with their lack of information and research that has inferior content compared to the other pages. 

Google bots prioritize the webpages based on the number of internal, as well as external links pointing at them. Thus, creating internal links pointing at your higher priority and quality webpages can easily help Google bots in determining where they should start.

Another factor which directly affects the number of indexed pages and the crawl budget is the page load speed. The faster your pages load, the fewer resources Google bots will spend to explore your website.

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