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Glossary keyword - Cross-channel marketing

Cross-channel marketing

Cross-channel marketing is a marketing tool combining numerous promotion techniques to communicate with customers. Unlike multichannel marketing, cross-channel allows every channel to interact with each other.

How it works

While multichannel marketing uses multiple channels for communication with customers, cross-channel also allows passing data between different channels to form a positive user experience. 

Cross-channel marketing engages with users through numerous tools, such as mobile phones, desktops, and channels, including in-app messaging and sending push notifications. It takes data from multiple channels to create a marketing message. In this way, it is possible to interact with several users at the same time. 

The first step of cross-channel marketing is cross-channel messaging campaigns that control multiple channels with the help of a single flow. To ping a user by sending a push notification, a marketing team should have push permissions or email permissions. 

After that, it is necessary to consolidate analytics to create common data from different users. It provides a chance to plan future projects or campaigns according to previous campaigns. 

Finally, it is vital to use personalized messaging that included data from other channels. Personalized messaging allows one to send product recommendations for any item resembling a user’s all previous purchases. It seems that every channel in cross-channel marketing integrates in a certain way. 

Advantages of Cross-Channel Marketing

  • More visibility. As a result of using multiple channels with interaction increases brand identity by causing more attention. It happens because these different channels provide customers with information about a company’s brand, products, and services.

  • Diversity of choice. Interaction with a product or service contributes users to select one of the channels which are more comfortable for them. 

  • More customer visits. Cross-channel marketing causes a company to have more touchpoints that also give a chance to gather a massive date for the next campaigns.

  • Consistency. To reinforce brand, products, or services and increase reputation, consistency of messages is a crucial part that cross-channel marketing provides. 

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