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Glossary keyword - Crowdsourcing


Crowdsourcing is a model involving a group of people to achieve a common purpose. The sourcing model is essential for innovation, problem-solving, and productivity purposes. Additionally, companies can use crowdsourcing to collect a great set of ideas and finances from a vast crowd of people.

Benefits of Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is very useful for individuals or organizations to overcome severe problems. In order for crowdsourcing to work, it is necessary to involve a lot of people to find a right and relevant solution. As a result of the considerable diversity of thought, unpredictable solutions can appear from where you least expect.

When management barriers appear in a company, crowdsourcing creates an open environment for workers from different areas such as developers, designers, project managers. It means various employees can participate in launching a project with crowdsourcing.

This sourcing model also provides a set of ideas for B2B marketing strategies. Instead of marketing research and advertisement, talking to people gives free and diverse views about existent products. Besides the diversity of thinking, crowdsourcing is a way to solve problems quickly. While gathering different ideas from various people, companies can have significant data about customers without spending money.

Types of crowdsourcing

Generally, there are five forms of crowdsourcing.

  • Crowd Contests enable one to determine who is the most appropriate for a job, result in paying only one person. Here, a lot of people suggest and create an item for which a single job description is enough.

  • Macro tasks allow obtaining a unique ability for a project by hiring a worker from the crowd. It is also possible to communicate through the Internet and pay the money by the task.

  • Microtasks contribute to benefit human intelligence on significant and complex projects by dividing them into smaller parts.

  • Crowdfunding uses social media websites to save money. It is easier to make videos or images for promotion to request for funding. By giving a simple award to people, they can engage in the donation of money.

  • Self-organized crowds are about posting any challenge on the Internet by recruiting a group of people to work, such as cleaning forests and or subways. In this type of crowdsourcing, the crowd itself decides and organizes itself as a team. 

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