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Glossary keyword - Dark Marketing

Dark Marketing

Dark marketing, which is also known as ghost marketing, is the practice of showing ads to a particular group of the audience and hiding it from the general public. The idea has only been around since 2012, but over time has become the most effective digital advertising method so far. The goal of dark marketing is to achieve efficient marketing run by targeting a small selection of people. Dark marketing can be beneficial, but it has been met with extensive controversy. 

What is dark marketing?

What makes dark marketing dark is the fact that advertisements are not visible to everyone. The ad placers can also hide if they please. Dark marketing campaigns are only visible to the publisher of the ad, target audience, and the advertiser. Target audience is a group of people who share one or more common criteria. For example, through Google Ads service, it is possible to target an audience in a specific city, country, even communities. Ads can also be altered to be shown at particular times of the day on specific days of the week. These types of ads can even target users that have searched for a specific service or product elsewhere on the internet. Psychographic targeting is also a part of dark marketing. This tactic uses the specific interests, beliefs, and opinions of individuals to display ads specific to them. 

Drawbacks of dark marketing

According to advertisers, dark marketing comes with its downsides. It creates an advertising campaign that is divided into smaller pieces. When the sphere is fragmented, it makes it hard to see the whole image. Because of this drawback, it is tough to quantify the effectiveness of the overall campaign. There is a need to compile massive amounts of data to comprehend the statistics. This can be overwhelming due to enormous fragmentation.  





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