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Glossary keyword - Dark Post

Dark Post

A dark post is a tactic to advertise on social media platforms. It helps advertisers or users send ads to any group of the target audience. While dark post improves advertising campaign of advertisers, it can be disadvantageous for a target audience to see ads intended for others.

How it works

Users mainly use the dark post on online social media websites such as Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Dark posts are inexpensive sponsored message that targets groups or people. In this type of online advertising, advertisers are capable of determining target groups by using various factors. These factors are geotargeting, age-based targeting, psychographic, and behavioral targeting. 

The most significant characteristic of dark posts is that it is unpublished page posts. The dark post never appears on News Feed, but only as ads on social media platforms. It is impossible to remove a dark post from a social media platform for users who are forced to see these ads.  

Benefits and drawbacks of dark post

Compared to regular advertising tools, the dark post is keyword-driven in the placement and purchase process. Here, there is no limit to use the dark post on social media platforms. Advertisers are capable of advertising their brands, services, or products without disturbing other users. 

Dark post allows advertisers to apply A/B testing, and categorize target audience without muddling timelines. Additionally, it is possible to separate various groups of the target audience to identify which group is more appropriate for campaigns. 

Advertisers can easily promote any product and service by using dark posts such as Facebook dark posts, by targeting numerous groups of customers. However, regular online advertising gives only one group of customers while boosting a post on News Feeds. 

However, dark posts sometimes are questionable because of some reasons. It is possible to face fake news content in ads shared as a dark post. Due to a lack of transparency and misleading use of dark posts, some social media platforms, such as Facebook, have already altered the use of dark posts. Now everyone can see which user or page pays for any ad and its other ads.  

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