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Glossary keyword - Deep Linking

Deep Linking

Deep linking is a process that directs users to a specific on page location or points in the app, instead of the entire page on the website.

It works by mapping each screen of an app similar to the website. As a result, each screen in the app has its corresponding webpage. This mapping technique allows users to transition from web usage to app or vise-versa. For instance, if a user is looking for a product on a search engine and clicks a link, they will be directed to the app. However, that user should install the app beforehand. Besides, Deep linking is not only for mobile searches. It can benefit push notifications and email marketing content by leading users directly to the purchase point. Also, it can direct visitors to a page where marketers include the details of campaigns. In general, this type of linking helps to save user’s time, improve user experience, and increase conversion optimization.

Importance of Deep Linking

Deep links have an essential role in marketing campaigns. It is easier to get results from a campaign if a user can finalize the transactions in several seconds. If a visitor can try experience to get a reward or offer in a single click, they will be more motivated to participate. Besides, Deep links allow targeting a specific audience without the need for additional platforms. For instance, if there are sales on the retail app, it can send a notification to a particular category of users, such as adult women. Then women will click the notification, and they will see the products directly. This linking ease the process and increase the probability of purchases. Therefore, it is an essential strategy for retail, travel, or even news apps. Targeting the right together with Deep Linking ensures that the users have a smooth experience, and conversion rates increase.

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