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Glossary keyword - Direct Message (DM)

Direct Message (DM)

Direct message (DM) or personal message (PM) is a private type of conversation between at least two users on any social media platform. Only a user who participates in the conversation can see and write messages. This form of chatting is booming because of an increasing need for private communication in the community. 

How it works on various platforms

Every social media website uses its unique direct message system to distinguish its platform for users. 

  • Facebook. In this platform, it is possible to send messages to anyone, unless a user who receives a message keeps personal message open for everyone. Otherwise, nobody can send any message to this user. Additionally, if a user wants to send a message to another one who is not a friend, this message will seem in message requests.

  • Instagram. This platform allows users to send a direct message to anyone using Instagram Direct and following them. If a person does not follow another user who messages, it will seem in message requests. However, if this person allows the message request, further messages will not require any request. 

  • Twitter. A user can create a group conversation and private chat with anyone following this user. To send a direct message to another person that a user does not follow, it is possible in two cases. Either this user has previously sent a personal message or selected to receive messages from everyone.  

Types of direct message

Generally, two forms of direct message are available: social media platforms and private messaging applications. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are social platforms, which also involved personal chatting parameters for private communication between users. Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Kik Messenger are private messaging services in which users create accounts to interact privately with chosen people. 

Direct messages in business

Additionally, a direct message is also a part of communication incorporate business. Today most companies are using direct message platforms or applications to share common information, organize meetings, and to interact with workers. Google Hangouts, Adium, Spark, Jabber, and Yahoo Messenger are the leading instant messaging applications for small businesses. 

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