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Glossary keyword - Directory


When search engines show a collection of websites cataloged by the automatic systems, it is known as ‘search result.’ Similarly, a group of related sites gathered in a single list by human reviewers will be termed as a ‘web directory’ or simply ‘directory.’ Earlier, printed directories were in vogue. They too had lists of related businesses and their contact information. On transitioning to the internet, they came to be known as web directories. Directories make browsing the internet more accessible. In some instances, they can prove to be a better resource than search results.

Directories and Optimization

In the SEO industry, these web directories are often targeted by optimizers. It is a fact that these lists have links from reputable sources. Today, it has become a general SEO practice to submit links to these human-edited directories. As a result, one can get back-links for the site provided to the directory. The process of filing a list is complicated and time-consuming. Each web directory has its guidelines. Before sending a link to a directory, one must ensure that it is SEO friendly first. Then one can submit details about the website and submit it via email. The site will be listed categorically with other websites that share the same theme.

Some Examples of Directory

Lately, ‘Bid for Position Directories’ has emerged. To get a site enrolled in one of these, one has to make bids, that is, pay for a position. The higher the bid, the higher will be a website’s position in the directory. As a result, the click-through rate is bound to increase. Jasmine Directory and are renowned web directories. DOMZ and Yahoo Directory were famous examples too but had to be closed down in 2017 and 2014, respectively. World Wide Web Virtual Library is the oldest web directory. It was started in 1991. 

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