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Glossary keyword - Disavow Links

Disavow Links

Disavow links are malicious links that wrongfully lead to a website. In regards to SEO, Disavow is the action of removing such harmful links. The act of disavowing happens when a website's ranking is damaged by low-quality links which the user has no control over. Developers ask Google not to consider them when assessing their websites by disavowing the backlinks of the website. 

Cases when Disavow links are used

Manual Penalty

Manual penalties are seen as a great nuance in the web world. It can lead to troubles in regards to Search Engine Optimization and lower the rank of websites. In case developers receive a manual penalty, they need to use a disavow tool. Google has created the disavow tool to deal with manual penalties. 

Algorithmic Penalty

Even though algorithm penalties are not as bad as manual penalties, they can still harm a website significantly. Toxic backlinks are seen as the main reason for traffic drops that happen due to algorithmic change. Developers use the Disavow Tool to help their websites recover in the face of such events. 

Toxic backlinks

Toxic backlinks are links with high spam scores that point to regular websites. The spam score is an indicator used by Google to see how many dead and low-quality links are hosted by a website. Having a spam score above two is considered harmful, and developers are urged to use disavowing links. 

Which links should be Disavowed

Links with low domain authority scores, unrelated anchor texts, links in foreign languages, links from separate spheres should all be disavowed. As stated above, disavow links are also backlinks from web pages that have a big spam score. The highest spam score is 17/17, while the lowest is 0. Experts advise that anything above a score of 5 should be deleted. 


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