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Glossary keyword - Disqus


Disqus is a popular third-party platform used by websites and online businesses to build an audience. It is a plug-in that works hand-in-hand with the WordPress comments section. Here, businesses can establish direct, global contact with their customers. It supports real-time discussions and audio/video media. The service is free for both the commenters and publishers. However, several paid add-on features are available too. It supports over 70 languages. They offer several features like personal profiles, personalized notifications, anti-spam filter, and basic analytics.

Using it also gives users monetization options. You may put ads above, under, or in-between threads. These are adaptive, native ads. The websites have an account on the platform - ‘forum.’ The formatting support in the comment text will make them interactive and comments nest in the form of threads. The platform is quite smartphone friendly. There is also upvoting, downvoting, and a threaded reply section. This way, websites can reduce the bounce rates and keep users browsing them for longer. Engaging discussions are invaluable. Moreover, it can help in faster loading of pages. Comments take time to load, but Disqus uses a cached version of comments.

Disqus and SEO

The analytics feature allows users to track and understand audience participation. Using this tool, one may acquire data about comments, and read articles. The complete engagement and 30-day performance reports are also available. Moreover, content analysis is actionable. As a result, you can change the current strategy at any time.

A unique user profile may be used for over 4 million social media sites and includes platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The platform is, thus, a social network in itself. Over 2.5 billion websites make use of Disqus for their comment section needs. Guest commenting is an option, as well. The commentators can grow their respectability and reliability, and user profiles on the platform reflect this. Meanwhile, comments are user-generated content and help the SEO ranking of websites. Having a community is useful for sites and businesses, and Disqus might help you achieve it easil

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