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Glossary keyword - Do-Follow Link

Do-Follow Link

Do-follow links allow search engines to crawl and evaluate the link for ranking. It is a way for the PageRank algorithm to acknowledge the page. If an external website refers to a do-follow link, Google increases the authority of the page and hence, ranking. However, Google ignores the reference of an external site to a no-follow link. Therefore, authority and ranking do not change. 

Do-follow vs. No-follow

Understanding Do-follow links without mentioning No-follow ones can be confusing. Both links appear in the same way for a reader. Visitors can still click both links and enjoy the content. The difference lies in the HTML code. A no-follow link has an extra piece in the code, which is rel=”nofollow.” If this extra tag does not exist, then the HTML link is a follow link. Also, this tag instructs the search engine algorithm to ignore any link juice passed on. On the other, the no-follow link is not a necessarily bad thing. It also has some positive effects. Though it is no-follow, it still passes referral traffic to the page. Visitors are still able to enjoy the content. The general rule of thumb recommends mixing both types of links for the backlink building

Cons and Pros of Follow link

When a link does not have a no-follow tag, it can affect the authority of the page positively. Google PageRank acknowledges the references to your page if it is a do-follow link. As other websites link back to your page, it increases the reliability of the site. Hence, authority increases and brings your website to better rankings. The opposite happens if the link has a no-follow tag as Google ignores any credibility gained with this link. However, a followable link also has some disadvantages. Spammers may overwhelm a post with any comments or links. Anyone choosing this linking should be ready to protect and filter the site from spam comments. 


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