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Glossary keyword - Domain Authority

Domain Authority

Domain Authority was firstly introduced by MOZ and is a score that estimates the website’s capability to rank on Search Engine Result Pages. The scale for estimating results of Domain authority ranges from one to a hundred. It is a logarithmic scale, which means that it is easier to improve your domain authority score from twenty to thirty rather than improving it from eighty to ninety. Domain Authority is not a total measurement factor for search engine result of a website. Though, it is a third party tool that needs to be used as a direction for monitoring your overall Search Engine Optimization progress. 

What is Good Domain Authority?

The higher score of domain authority translates to a better ranking ability. Domain Authority shows an overview of a site’s competitiveness in the ranking. Additionally, the ranking of your site needs to be compared to your competitors, rather than every other website ranking score. 

The average Domain Authority score varies from forty to fifty. A score between fifty to sixty considered to be good, and over a score of sixty is deemed to be excellent for your website.

Steps to Improve Domain Authority Rank

Applying the best SEO practices will help websites to increase their rankings. Those practices mainly include SMM, on-page optimization, and link building.

1. Internal Linking                            

To improve Domain Authority, keep an eye on internal linking and improve site navigation. Internal links are crucial for a successful SEO as well as Domain Authority Rank. An internal link is a link from one web page to another on the same website when they are used strategically, internal links will boost the site's visibility, and that will result in the improvement of Domain Authority.  

2. Content

Part of the search engine algorithm uses content and engagement metrics to rank websites per domain authority. While you are improving your web content, in return, you are getting a higher domain authority score. If you have compelling content, it will get more organic backlinks from other web sites in your specific field. 

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