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Glossary keyword - Domain Popularity

Domain Popularity

Domain popularity refers to the number of incoming links or backlinks that other websites refer to a particular site. Of the references, only one backlink can be counted on the texts per domain. For instance, in a blog about American Football, there may be several backlinks for the blog from ten different sources, although only one of them would be counted as a backlink for that blog post.

How to Measure Domain Popularity?

There are several aspects that can contribute to the improvement of DP. Generally, the process involves backlink building activities that aim at generating specific topics related to high-quality backlinks from as many websites as possible. Below mentioned measures need to be considered for making possible changes to improve domain popularity.

  • Purchase of links or rental of them
  • Backlinks from forums and various communities
  • Natural linking to high-quality contents
  • Backlinks from blog posts (for instance, through product testing, product exchange, and guest articles)
  • Dissemination of articles on press releases and article directories
  • Setup of satellite websites that has various URLs

Users need to keep in mind that not all inorganic tactics are tolerated by Google. For instance, link buying activities are risky and need to be avoided because if Google finds out, it will penalize web owners for it. The penalties can be as grave as a permanent ban on the website. Domain popularity has gained popularity in recent years; this could explain why several old school methods do not work in the new decade. For example, if users want to gain DP through footer links that multiply the number of subpages of a website, this option will not work well with present strategies for link building. To define domain popularity, website owners need to find the number of backlinks that other domains direct toward their site.

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