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Glossary keyword - Domain Trust

Domain Trust

Through domain trust, websites can mirror their integrity and trustworthiness. Although an excellent tool, there is no real way to calculate the figures.

Users have to be contemptuous with the metrics Google and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software providers use to determine it. Factors like quality content and links are essential elements when calculating a domain trust level. Having a high domain trust level can benefit the rank level of websites in search engine results pages (SERP).  

Domain trust background

Naturally, internet users are more inclined to using trustworthy websites. For the respected entities in the search engine industry like Google, it is of the utmost importance to deliver the best user experience. This can happen by providing high-quality results. Search engine providers earn money through the search engine advertising tactic, where sites that pay for advertisements are shown close to the top of the page. These advertised links are shown alongside the organic results shown in the search engine results page and other parts of the world wide web. 

The advertising environment can be impacted directly by the quality of organic search results. Organic search results that are lousy impact the quality of the ads expected by a user. Alongside these nuance search results, which are paid for that contain low-quality spam links, can damage the image of big companies like Google. Through the help of domain trust, search engine providers like Google and Yandex can offer better quality content and websites in their search engine results pages. There are many determinants of the level of trust in a domain name. Things like the age of the domain, quality of content, and quality of incoming links. 




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