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Glossary keyword - Doorway Page

Doorway Page

A Doorway page is an online web page that is created to manipulate search engine indexes. Sometimes also known as portal pages, jump pages, bridge pages, entry pages, and gateway pages, the Doorway pages can alter the index of search engines. It does this by sending visitors to a different web page even from the one they clicked on. This process occurs when a specific phrase is entered in a search engine. These types of web pages that deceive visitors to other web pages without their knowledge can be associated with the term “Black Hat SEO”.  


The tactic of cloaking is sometimes used by doorway pages to mislead visitors. Using server-side scripts, a cloaked page will show a web page to a human user that is different to the one shown to crawlers. These doorway pages that use cloaking can determine between crawlers, bots, and human users based on the different flags. These flags can be user agents or IP addresses. The process of cloaking trick search engines into ranking websites for their unrelated keywords. They also monetize any traffic generated by humans, showing them as irrelevant spammy content. This practice is looked down upon in the SEO and search engine domain. Since this act is very manipulative and misleading, it can result in the termination of websites, and prevent them from being indexed.


A webmaster that employs the use of doorway pages, chooses to not display their own website. They instead prefer users to be sent to a real page on their website. The webmaster makes this happen by redirecting users. Meta refresh tags placed on a doorway page make it possible to do this. More professional systems use the method of cloaking. No matter the case, search engines find such actions unacceptable and result in penalties. 

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