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Glossary keyword - Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is content that appears on numerous locations both on and off your website. We can say that it exists on a different URL and on some occasions, even on a different domain. It is worth mentioning the term technical implementation. It is another reason for duplicate contents alongside accidents. For instance, it could be horrible for your site to be available on both www and non-www. It is the same result if it is available on both HTTPS and HTTP. Fair to say, you will see duplicate content everywhere.

Understanding Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can be a confusing topic for a lot of people. The confusion lies in differentiating duplicate content from copied content and thin content. Having used the same text over and over again in your article is also duplicate content. It is almost unavoidable. But search engines like Google always make a distinction between these three types of content. And it is significant for determining rankings. 

Avoiding Duplicate Content 

If you take an existing text and copy it to your site as it is, there will be trouble. Because even if you change some words, and modify the content, it still will not help. Searching engines will immediately detect this, and your text will lose its credibility. And having copied contents will not only affect the reputation of your site. It will also affect web development because substances increase the visibility of the website.

Google's Role

We should also mention that Google is doing an excellent job of detecting and handling duplicate content. That is why you should have creative writing skills in the first place. Google and search engines almost always focus on quality. So instead of copying and reusing the same texts, focus on developing ideas and creating content around them. That will work out better. 

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