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Glossary keyword - E-commerce Web Development

E-commerce Web Development

E-commerce web development is the process of creating a website with the purpose of buying or selling of goods and services. It integrates different technologies. Some are electronic funds transfer, internet marketing, and mobile commerce. Others include inventory management systems, supply chain management, automated data collection systems, electronic data interchange, and online transaction processing. With e-commerce web development professionals, the term usually refers to the major non-design aspects of developing a website for purposes of business transactions over the web — the two central aspects of being coding and writing markup. 

Modern E-commerce 

Modern e-commerce web development uses the World Wide Web and other technologies like email for a section of the transaction life cycle. Such websites fulfill typical e-commerce transactions. Some include the purchase of music (an example is iTunes Store), and the purchase of electronic or hardcover books online (an example is Amazon). All three areas of e-commerce — online auctions, online retailing, and electronic markets. They are taken into account when developing websites for commercial purposes. The entire development process can require only a single developer. Or, a full team has to complete it depending on the scope of work.

Getting Started 

Large businesses and organizations like Amazon have web development teams consisting of hundreds of web developers. Such large groups follow standard methods like Agile methodologies during e-commerce web development. However, smaller companies may only need a single contractor to develop an e-commerce website for their business. Also, the entire e-commerce web development process may be a collaborative effort. Comprising several departments of a single organization rather than the sole responsibility of a single department. Basically, there are three types of web developers full-stack, back-end, and front-end developers.

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